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Your ideal restaurant:
» Your Chinese Restaurant.     EN   DE   FR
» Your French Restaurant.     EN   DE   FR
» Your Spanish Restaurant.     EN   DE   FR
» Your Italian Restaurant.     EN   DE   FR
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Feeling lucky :
» Lovemeter - how to measure true love     EN   DE   FR
» The beauty ideal???     EN   DE   FR

The best for your health:
» Menu: Health     EN   DE   FR
» VIVA 100 secrets of centenarians     EN   DE   FR
» Menu coffee & tea: Quality, health,...     EN   DE   FR
» MENU: Bio Intelligence Doping     EN   DE   FR

Your best insurance company:
» Find the best car insurance     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best health insurance     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best life insurance     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best household insurance     EN   DE   FR

Your best money invest opportunity:
» Menu Money Investment     EN   DE   FR
» AHA7 SECUSTRAT - security strategies for your money (MENU)     EN   DE   FR

Your best computer:
» Soon: Find the best netbook computer     EN   DE   FR
» Soon: Find the best notebook     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best desktop pc     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best Monitor (PC)     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best ink printer     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best color laser printer     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best laser printer (B&W)     EN   DE   FR
» Use PC-DOS power on MS-Windows!     EN   DE   FR

Your best camera:
» Find the best digital camera     EN   DE   FR
» Find the best digital video camera     EN   DE   FR

best phone & Internet service:
» Find the best smartphone     EN   DE   FR
» Most economic Internet access     EN   DE   FR

Diplomas, Honors, awards, distinctions:
» MENU: True university? Diploma mill?     EN   DE   FR

The best for millionaires:
» Menu: The Best or Nothing     EN   DE   FR

» Mega-Toys... Cars, Gadgets,...     EN   DE   FR
» Eat and Drink: Money Records     EN   DE   FR
» Arts, antiques,jewelry - for Millionaires     EN   DE   FR
» Home,garden,real est.for Millionaires     EN   DE   FR
» Errors, disasters: Damage records     EN   DE   FR
» How to become a Millionaire?     EN   DE   FR

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The Best or Nothing.


"Teach Yourself Economics."
infoInfo:  (Info 5p.+ebook) Economic theory and economic policy finally instantly to understand by thinking citizens, politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, students and everybody.

PROSPHINX - major crisis starting in 20xx?
(Invest:)  How to forecast world economic crises. Theory. Application. For your investment decisions.

Start-up - lease yours now!
infoInfo:  Startup-Franchise for you. Age does not matter. Examples: Knowledge- /info- /media-stes, e-commerrce, financial sites.

'Social Market Economy'
infoInfo:  Germany's economic success policy: Combination capitalism, moral standards, human rights.

crowdfunding, crowdinvesting:
infoInfo:  Best investment return for your money. Back to the ingenious concept of credit unions.

"The secrets of Centenarians."
infoInfo:  (Info 5p.+ebook) How to live longer - a tutorial for beginners. umgesetzt in eine Anleitung zum selber Anwenden.

Your health optimisation:
infoInfo:  Your optimisation of your health and your longevity: Nutrition, prevention, lifestyle, activity. (Anti-Fake-News.)

"PILLDOUNG" - knowledge sites:
(Invest:)  Education + comprehension - how to gain deep knowledge (rather than trivia, news and fact knowledge). /ebb-kwk-bildun-en.htm

Stove + stone heat storage
(Buy!)  Stove "Zurich B": natural stone - complete with accessories. Heat storage, long term effect, semi-natural thermal effect. /ftt-t-act-en.htm

Unmask Pseudo-Science.
(Invest:)  (PSEUCALC) error discovery service for pseudo-calculation, pseudo-science, pseudo-mathematics, pseudo-statistics. /ebb-kky-pseuc-en.htm
The Best or Nothing.


Investment projects / future technologies.
infoInfo:  For direct participation / private investors. 10 000 USD/EUR++. Directly, not crowd constructs. /ecbb-menu-en.htm

POLLIMAT knowledge factory
infoInfo:  for your right to justice and knowledge. Trust is good. POLLIMAT is better.

New customers for you: FAIR WORDS.
infoInfo:  Helpful for non-regional offers with individual special value. /ptp-adplacem-en.htm

Buy the future: 100 ++ projects.
infoInfo:  Project market: Innovations, utopias, brilliant ideas For start-ups and medium and large size enterprises..

(Invest:)  A system for electronic books using Web browsers. Your e-book can still be read in 1000 years. /ebb-ppa-ebkgen-en.htm

Role massager.
(Buy!)  Problem areas? Fat? Skin improvement? Complete kit, accessories, manuals. /ftt-t-act-en.htm

CIVIBAS : Archetypes: Primal matter of civilization.
infoInfo:  Donations searched for encyclopedia / research / knowledge dissemination. The "eternally-human" unites peoples and cultures. /ebb-kba-ency-en.htm

best deal of your life:
infoInfo:  We donate to you up to 30 % more future lifespan. You donate 1 % of your income for deeper knowledge.

TRANSRANTO perfect translation:
(Invest:)  IYour product documentation: Fully automatic in 50 languages. No major unintended content modifications.

Your company formation - worldwide.
infoInfo:  Your business abroad - remotely managed from your apartment. Or for companies, branch offices, agencies, address use.


FAIRWORDS: If you have a business:
To see your ads published here: contact
Placement bidding. Average 2 cent per visitor ~=20c per click.
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Earn that money! Contact . So far for sites in languages EN DE FR. Soon also ES RU PT IT.
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Your best lawyer / attorney / solicitor:
» Menu: Contract templates     EN   DE   FR
» Menu: Templates & how tos     EN   DE   FR

Photo by Kahuroa, 2007: Poumatua (chief), carved; from the Maori meeting house Hotunui, Ngati Maru, Hauraki, built 1878. Now in the Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand.

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Price comparison ('EEB )

  Price comparison netbook.  
  Carry out a price comparison netbook.  
  Price comparison between netbook.  
  Price comparison portal netbook.

  Price comparison method netbook.  
  direct comparisons of prices netbook.  
  compare prices directly netbook.  
  Price comparison list netbook.  
  Price comparison survey netbook.

Test. ('EEB )

  Test netbook.  
  Comparative test netbook.  
  Comparison test netbook.  
  Comparative test results netbook.  
  Test report netbook.  
  Test winner netbook.  
  Award win netbook.  
  Awarded best netbook.

The cheapest. ('EEB )

  Cheap netbook.  
  Cheaper netbook.  
  The cheapest netbook.  
  Much cheaper netbook.  
  Buy cheap netbook.

  Discounter netbook.  
  Cheap discounter netbook.  
  Cheap article netbook.  
  Cheaper than netbook.

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bargain ('BBE )

  bargain ink jet printer.  
  Bargain price ink jet printer.  
  bargain offer ink jet printer.  
  last minute deal ink jet printer.  
  last minute offer ink jet printer.  
  Get a good bargain ink jet printer.  
  Make a good deal ink jet printer.

  Bargain market ink jet printer.  
  Bargain hunter ink jet printer.  
  Bargain hunting ink jet printer.  
  Bargaining - ink jet printer.  
  Bargain for ink jet printer.

  Haggle - ink jet printer.  
  Haggling - ink jet printer.  
  Chaffer - ink jet printer.  
  Flea marktet ink jet printer.

coupons ('BBE )

  coupon ink jet printer.  
  voucher ink jet printer.  
  gift coupon ink jet printer.  
  rebate ink jet printer.  
  rebate coupon ink jet printer.  
  coupon code ink jet printer.

  couponing ink jet printer.  
  discount campaign ink jet printer.  
  promotional rebate ink jet printer.  
  price reduction ink jet printer.

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Bargain / digital camera ('ABBE)

bargain ('BBE )

  bargain digital camera.  
  Bargain price digital camera.  
  bargain offer digital camera.  
  last minute deal digital camera.  
  last minute offer digital camera.  
  Get a good bargain digital camera.  
  Make a good deal digital camera.

  Bargain market digital camera.  
  Bargain hunter digital camera.  
  Bargain hunting digital camera.  
  Bargaining - digital camera.  
  Bargain for digital camera.

  Haggle - digital camera.  
  Haggling - digital camera.  
  Chaffer - digital camera.  
  Flea marktet digital camera.

coupons ('BBE )

  coupon digital camera.  
  voucher digital camera.  
  gift coupon digital camera.  
  rebate digital camera.  
  rebate coupon digital camera.  
  coupon code digital camera.

  couponing digital camera.  
  discount campaign digital camera.  
  promotional rebate digital camera.  
  price reduction digital camera.

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the cheapest / video camera ('ABBE)

Price comparison ('EEB )

  Price comparison video camera.  
  Carry out a price comparison video camera.  
  Price comparison between video camera.  
  Price comparison portal video camera.

  Price comparison method video camera.  
  direct comparisons of prices video camera.  
  compare prices directly video camera.  
  Price comparison list video camera.  
  Price comparison survey video camera.

Test. ('EEB )

  Test video camera.  
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  Comparison test video camera.  
  Comparative test results video camera.  
  Test report video camera.  
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  Award win video camera.  
  Awarded best video camera.

The cheapest. ('EEB )

  Cheap video camera.  
  Cheaper video camera.  
  The cheapest video camera.  
  Much cheaper video camera.  
  Buy cheap video camera.

  Discounter video camera.  
  Cheap discounter video camera.  
  Cheap article video camera.  
  Cheaper than video camera.

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best restaurant / Spanish restaurant ('ABBE)

Dining options. ('BRW )

  Dining options Spanish restaurant.  
  Extensive menu Spanish restaurant.  
  Rich menu Spanish restaurant.  
  Comprehensive menu Spanish restaurant.  
  International dishes Spanish restaurant.  
  International specialities Spanish restaurant.

  Seasonal dishes Spanish restaurant.  
  Regional specialities Spanish restaurant.  
  Traditional dishes Spanish restaurant.  
  Local cuisine Spanish restaurant.  
  Homely kitchen Spanish restaurant.  
  Homely cooking Spanish restaurant.  
  Home style cooking Spanish restaurant.

Recommendation. Add in the search box (page top) a location, like: New York, Mumbai / Bombay, London, Melbourne, Toronto, Los Angeles.

...healthy meals... ('BRW )

  Healthy meals Spanish restaurant.  
  Healthy food Spanish restaurant.  
  Healthy cooking Spanish restaurant.  
  Free of preservatives Spanish restaurant.  
  Organic food Spanish restaurant.

type of restaurant ('BRW )

  Typical Spanish restaurant.  
  Fine dining Spanish restaurant.  
  Quiet dining Spanish restaurant.  
  International flair Spanish restaurant.  
  Excellent food Spanish restaurant.  
  Delicious food Spanish restaurant.  
  Magnificent Spanish restaurant.  
  Most expensive Spanish restaurant.  
  Luxurious Spanish restaurant.  
  Luxury Spanish restaurant.

The cheapest. ('BRW )

  Price comparison Spanish restaurant.  
  Cheap Spanish restaurant.  
  Cheaper Spanish restaurant.  
  The cheapest Spanish restaurant.  
  Much cheaper Spanish restaurant.

  Cheap food Spanish restaurant.  
  Cheap meals Spanish restaurant.  
  Fast food dishes Spanish restaurant.

Access. ('BRW )

  Opening hours Spanish restaurant.  
  Parking Spanish restaurant.  
  Car parking Spanish restaurant.  
  Parking area Spanish restaurant.  
  Handicapped accessible Spanish restaurant.

Enter in the search field on the page top one of these word combinations (or simply copy&paste a whole line into the search field). - Quotation marks, if any, have to be entered exactly in the same position.
Money records: Eating / humor ('EAWM)

Most expensive alcohol ('WMK )

  Most expensive bottle of alcohol humor.  
  Most expensive wine humor.  
  most expensive wine in the world humor.  
  Most expensive bottle of wine humor.

  Most expensive vodka humor.  
  Most expensive cognac humor.  
  Most expensive whisky humor.  
  Most expensive champagne humor.  
  Most expensive beer humor.

Mega Food ('WM )

  most expensive foods humor.  
  most expensive food world record humor.  
  Most expensive cookbook humor.  
  most expensive inflight meal humor.

  most expensive tea humor.  
  most expensive green tea humor.  
  most expensive tea worldwide humor.  
  The world's most expensive tea humor.  
  Most expensive coffee humor.

  Most expensive schnitzel humor.  
  Most expensive pizza humor.  
  Most expensive Spice humor.

  Most expensive Desserts humor.  
  Most expensive Honey humor.  
  Most expensive ice humor.

  Most expensive breakfast humor.  
  Most expensive Bread humor.  
  most expensive cheese in the world humor.

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scientific analysis of love level.   and dreams and hopes.   New science - amorology - and you can participate in its research work.

» Menu Money Investment     EN   DE   FR

(Photo: U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds: Airshow, 2007, Colorado. - Publ.dom.)

and you will perhaps become as old as my tortoise Toto.   But this is not much convincing for 100++ years.   Toto suffered since the age of 110 from Alzheimer. He did not any more make a difference between strawberries and other similar looking objects (which I hide on my portrait in a still decent manner).
    Images:  (A) "La Menasseuse" (1709) by Hyacinthe Rigaud y Ros (1659-1743 Perpignan/France), by human brain camera, initially photo-graphed by applying manual pixel placement technology.
(B) tortoise: Steve Jurvetson, Creat.Com. Attr.2.0 Lic. - Maximum tortoise age. 200++ years (e.g. Elephantine tortoises).

(Photo: 2009 by Alchemist-hp - the archetype dream to produce gold cristals - Creat.Comm. Attrib.ShareAlike 3.0)

(When we did not have the Internet and not Wikipedia, we had the CIA WORLD FACTBOOK. It gave and gives access to all country key data of the world by FD... then CD by Internet. AHA7 JOB FACTBOOK will progressively give access to all job key data of the world, thanks to the Internet. Starting in English, French, German. If many visitors, it will be extended to Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese.)

... before you ruin with pills and other drugs the future of your brain cells - and that of your bank account by scientific consulting.
» "HUM7 World Humor Center": EN

       (Photo: © 2008 Don Pedro & site admin.

             (Photo: 2005 by André Karwath aka Aka: Hamadryas Baboon (=Papio hamadryas) = "Mantelpavian", Zoo Leipzig, in Germany: Creat.Comm.Lic.)


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= Money sources access tool... Thousands of money sources to discover.
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The secrets how to live 100 years:   The healthy way of life... some instructions... essential how-to rules...        ???image
--- (Information in text pages:) ---

» Menu: Health     EN   DE   FR
» cancer prevent. /nutrition     EN   DE   FR
» VIVA 100 secrets of centenarians     EN   DE   FR

With the help tool fax7 FAX7 ORGATEXT you will find for the subjects of your choice all free letter templates, samples, prepared application forms available on the Internet.

» Menu: Templates & how tos     EN   DE   FR

(Photo: A howling wolf in: Wildpark Eekholt,Germany; by Volker.G.; Lic.GNU Free Doc 1.2++)

    (Photo:. _DE_"Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" (colloquial)
_EN_ (literal:) "An egg laying wool milk swine" (a truly versatile 'magic' tool; IT colloquial equivalent: "Jack of all trades (device)")
_FR_ "mouton à 5 pattes qui pond des œufs et qui donne du lait" (colloquial - literal translation: "a sheep with 5 legs which lays eggs and supplies milk") - 'Photo' by Georg Mittenecker and others; Lic.Creat.Comm.Attr.Sh.Alike v2.5 & v2.0)

» Menu: Templates & how tos     EN   DE   FR

image: poster 1895

(Photo_2009: Michele Merkin (1975-); GNU Free Docum.Lic.v1.2.)

(Photo_~1895: Hilda Clark (1872-1932), Poster/Coca; US Library of Congress.)

(Photo: A beautiful car from the Golden Age of the American Dream - © 2008, Don Pedro & site admin.

» MENU: How to stop smoking?     EN   DE   FR
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(Photo: A shell casing flies out with a trail of smoke as U.S. Army Pfc. Michael Freise fires an M-4 rifle during a reflex firing exercise at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex, Republic of Korea, on March 23, 2005. From: US Dpt.of Def./US Air Force.)

Constructing + environment protection

image: Turtle_House
Concepts, products, service providers and craftsmen.
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Related subjects

» Climate future: Funding truth analysis     EN
» Energy: Funding truth analysis?     EN   DE   FR

(Photo: Marc Ryckaert (MJJR), 2009, Creat.Comm.Attr.3.0 Unported Licence. - SHOWS: Gouna (Red Sea, Egypt): Turtle House ("bright natural stone", more precisely "aus handbehauenem Sandstein" ), by German architect&designer Kurt Völtzke - - )

How they did it... how you can do it, too... (If you decide to burn your lifetime span for accumulating bank account content.)
(Photo: Château de Cheverny, Loire; 2003 by Thomas Steiner; GNU Free Doc.Lic.v1.2++)

when the involved interest of a contract can not finance the participation of a legal expert.

» Menu: Contract templates     EN   DE   FR

     (Photo: © 2007 Don Pedro &

» Menu coffee & tea: Quality, health,...     EN   DE   FR

(Photo: from 1905 (stereoscope): The native mode of grinding coffee, Palestine. From US Library of Congress.)

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