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Feeling lucky :
» Lovemeter - how to measure true love   EN DE FR
» The beauty ideal???   EN DE FR

The best for your health:
» Menu: Health   EN DE FR
» VIVA 100 secrets of centenarians   EN DE FR
» Menu coffee & tea: Quality, health,...   EN DE FR
» MENU: Bio Intelligence Doping   EN DE FR

Your best insurance company:
» Find the best car insurance   EN DE FR
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Your best money invest opportunity:
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» AHA7 SECUSTRAT - security strategies for your money (MENU)   EN DE FR
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Your best computer:
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Your best camera:
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best phone & Internet service:
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» Most economic Internet access   EN DE FR

Diplomas, Honors, awards, distinctions:
» Soon: Best distance education offers   EN DE FR
» MENU: True university? Diploma mill?   EN DE FR

The best for millionaires:
» Menu: The Best or Nothing   EN DE FR

» Mega-Toys... Cars, Gadgets,...   EN DE FR
» Eat and Drink: Money Records   EN DE FR
» Arts, antiques,jewelry - for Millionaires   EN DE FR
» Home,garden,real est.for Millionaires   EN DE FR
» Errors, disasters: Damage records   EN DE FR
» How to become a Millionaire?   EN DE FR

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The Best or Nothing.

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The Best or Nothing.

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NUXPC ecological lifetime PC.
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SPHINX 2nd Brain - Classification System
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Your best lawyer / attorney / solicitor:
» Menu: Contract templates   EN DE FR
» Menu: Templates & how tos   EN DE FR
» Soon: Best lawyer!... Drivers, car accidents,...   EN DE FR
» Soon: Best lawyer!... Family law   EN DE FR
» Soon: Best lawyer!... law of succession   EN DE FR

Photo by Kahuroa, 2007: Poumatua (chief), carved; from the Maori meeting house Hotunui, Ngati Maru, Hauraki, built 1878. Now in the Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand.

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Photo:  (B) US government /Dept.of Energy - nuclear arms test (Nevada Test Site, 1951, Operation Buster-Jangle, Charlie)

» MENU: How to stop smoking?   EN DE FR

(Photo: A shell casing flies out with a trail of smoke as U.S. Army Pfc. Michael Freise fires an M-4 rifle during a reflex firing exercise at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex, Republic of Korea, on March 23, 2005. From: US Dpt.of Def./US Air Force.)

Photo: There are many ways to get rid of alcohol.

"Alcohol makes creative intelligenc... kreatiwe Intoligens... greatne ignoligans... greaty ignorrans ..."

» MENU: how to stop drinking   EN DE FR

(Photo: © 2008 Luc Viatour GFDL/CC, : Fire breathing "Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band" in Chassepierre, Belgium. - GNU Free Doc.Lic.v1.2++ )

(Photo: 2009 by Alchemist-hp - the archetype dream to produce gold cristals - Creat.Comm. Attrib.ShareAlike 3.0)

(When we did not have the Internet and not Wikipedia, we had the CIA WORLD FACTBOOK. It gave and gives access to all country key data of the world by FD... then CD by Internet. AHA7 JOB FACTBOOK will progressively give access to all job key data of the world, thanks to the Internet. Starting in English, French, German. If many visitors, it will be extended to Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese.)

(Photo: A beautiful car from the Golden Age of the American Dream - © 2008, Don Pedro & site admin.

» financing   EN DE FR
» Incorporation / templates   EN DE FR

Photo: Above the clouds, freedom has no limits...? But you should then also have to eat...? - AHA7 TOP FREE helps how to fish for success:

(Photo_1=Liftoff: May 2009, Scott Andrews, Canon, NASA; space shuttle Atlantis; Cape Canaveral, Fla., USA.)

(Photo_2=Bird: 2009, Terry Ross, Creat.Comm.Attrib.Sh.Al.v2.0 Lic.)

With the help tool fax7 FAX7 ORGATEXT you will find for the subjects of your choice all free letter templates, samples, prepared application forms available on the Internet.

» Menu: Templates & how tos   EN DE FR

    (Photo: A howling wolf in: Wildpark Eekholt,Germany; by Volker.G.; Lic.GNU Free Doc 1.2++)

    (Photo:. _DE_"Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" (colloquial)
_EN_ (literal:) "An egg laying wool milk swine" (a truly versatile 'magic' tool; IT colloquial equivalent: "Jack of all trades (device)")
_FR_ "mouton à 5 pattes qui pond des œufs et qui donne du lait" (colloquial - literal translation: "a sheep with 5 legs which lays eggs and supplies milk") - 'Photo' by Georg Mittenecker and others; Lic.Creat.Comm.Attr.Sh.Alike v2.5 & v2.0)

» Menu: Templates & how tos   EN DE FR

Think global. We are the citizens of this world - our world. Nations were yesterday. Here you find tools for doing business, for money investment and how to become resident - worldwide.

» UNO7 World Citizen Toolbox   EN DE FR
» Incorporation / templates   EN DE FR

       (Photo: 2005, NASA. - Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson, International Space Station’s Canadarm2. Background: Earth’s horizon.)

» No TV / radio tax? (letter)   EN DE FR

» UNO7 FLAMINGO for freedom of information: For the freedom to view or not to view public = governmental TV (in countries with obligatory fees). === (_content_coming_soon_)   EN DE FR
» "Don Pedro's love letters"   EN DE FR

    (Photo: Aaron Logan, 2004, Creat,Comm.Attrib.1.0 lic.)

» MENU: Rental lease agreement   EN DE FR

Photo: Toda Hut (Nilgiris, India). - 2006, by Pratheepps. - Creat.Comm.Attrib.ShAlike 2.5Lic. - Nice gallery about India: --- Toda, small (~1000) Indian pastoral community, living in such dwellings, in former times frequently in "fraternal polyandry". (German: "Vielmännerei, mehrere Männer - die Brüder - mit 1 Frau".)

Photo by Kahuroa, 2007: Poumatua (chief), carved; from the Maori meeting house Hotunui, Ngati Maru, Hauraki, built 1878. Now in the Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand.

when the involved interest of a contract can not finance the participation of a legal expert.

» Menu: Contract templates   EN DE FR

     (Photo: © 2007 Don Pedro &

(Photo: Underwater Civilisation: Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom. By Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844–1930) in 1876 (photo)graphed with manual pixel assembly. Slavic mythology; books, opera, film Sadko. Right-click on the image - beautyful!

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