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_EN_ Economy, business, politics, science of economics etc. / FIN-MONSTER _English_ ('EABB)

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_EN_ Economy, business, politics, science of economics etc. / FIN-MONSTER _English_ / ('EABB)

  aggregate demand curve .  
  aggregate supply curve .  
  allocation efficiency .  
  allowance .  
  American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) .  
  antitrust laws .  
  automatic stabilizers .  
  autonomous consumption .  
  Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity .  
  baby boomer .  
  back door .  
  bailout .  
  balance of risks .  
  balance of trade .  
  balanced budget .  
  Baltic Dry Index .  
  barriers to entry .  
  base interest rate .  
  base period .  
  basis point .  
  bear market .  
  Beige Book .  
  Ben Bernanke .  
  Big Three .  
  Black Thursday .  
  boom and bust cycle .  
  borrowed reserves .  
  Bretton Woods agreement .  
  broad money .  
  budget surplus .  
  Buttonwood agreement .  
  buyer's market .  
  buyer's monopoly .  
  capacity .  
  capacity utilization rate .  
  capital consumption allowance .  
  capital formation .  
  capitalist .  
  cartel .  
  Central Bank .  
  Chicago PMI .  
  circular flow of income .  
  civilian unemployment rate .  
  classification of assets .  
  closed economy .  
  collapse .  
  Commercial Paper Funding Facility .  
  commercial wells .  
  Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 .  
  Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 .  
  comparative advantage .  
  competition .  
  competitor .  
  confidence indicator .  
  constant dollars .  
  construction spending .  
  consumer .  
  consumer confidence .  
  consumer discretionary .  
  Consumer Price Index .  
  consumer staples .  
  contraction .  
  controlled wildcat drilling .  
  Cost of Living Adjustment .  
  cost-of-living index .  
  Council of Economic Advisers .  
  countercyclical .  
  countercyclical stock .  
  credit squeeze .  
  crude .  
  current account .  
  current account balance .  
  current dollar GDP .  
  cycle .  
  cyclical .  
  cyclical industry .  
  cyclical stock .  
  cyclical unemployment .  
  debtor nation .  
  defensive open market operations .  
  deflation .  
  deflationary spiral .  
  deflator .  
  demand elasticity .  
  demand inflation .  
  demand schedule .  
  demand-pull inflation .  
  demonetization .  
  dependency ratio .  
  depletion .  
  deposit multiplier .  
  depression .  
  deregulation .  
  developmental drilling program .  
  diminishing marginal returns .  
  discount rate .  
  discretionary income .  
  disinflation .  
  division of labor .  
  dollar shortage .  
  domestic rate .  
  dovish .  
  durable goods orders .  
  dutch disease .  
  dynamic open market operations .  
  earned income .  
  easy monetary policy .  
  econometrics .  
  economic .  
  economic anxiety .  
  economic base .  
  economic cycle .  
  economic indicator .  
  economic moat .  
  Economic Order Quantity .  
  economic outlook .  
  economic policy .  
  economic risk .  
  economic sanctions .  
  economic surplus .  
  economical .  
  economics .  
  economy .  
  Edge Act .  
  elastic .  
  elasticity .  
  Emergency Economic Stabilization Act .  
  Employment Cost Index .  
  entry barrier .  
  equilibrium .  
  equilibrium price .  
  EVA .  
  existing home sales .  
  expansion .  
  expectations theory .  
  expensive .  
  externality .  
  factor analysis .  
  factors of production .  
  factory orders .  
  fair price .  
  favorable balance of trade .  
  Fed .  
  Fed Chairman .  
  Federal Debt .  
  Federal funds rate .  
  Federal Open Market Committee .  
  Federal Reserve Bank .  
  Federal Reserve Discount Rate .  
  Federal Reserve requirement .  
  Federal Reserve Wire Network .  
  Federal Surplus .  
  Federal Unemployment Tax Act .  
  financial .  
  fiscal .  
  fiscal policy .  
  Fisher separation theorem .  
  flexible expense .  
  FOMC .  
  Foreign Debt .  
  free enterprise .  
  free market .  
  free market price .  
  free trade .  
  FTC .  
  GAO .  
  gas .  
  gasoline .  
  GATT .  
  GDP .  
  General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade .  
  General Motors indicator .  
  global crowding out .  
  GNP deflator .  
  going Galt .  
  gold .  
  goldilocks economy .  
  Government Accountability Office .  
  government expenditure .  
  Great Depression .  
  green shoots .  
  Gross National Debt .  
  Gross National Product .  
  group rotation .  
  hard landing .  
  headline inflation .  
  headline risk .  
  health economics .  
  heavy crude oil .  
  IMF .  
  implementation lag .  
  income distribution .  
  inconvertible currency .  
  incremental analysis .  
  indicator .  
  indifference curve .  
  indirect labor costs .  
  industrial production .  
  Industrial Production Index .  
  infant industry argument .  
  inflation .  
  inflation rate .  
  inflation risk .  
  inflexible expense .  
  information symmetry .  
  infrastructure .  
  initial claims .  
  International Monetary Fund .  
  international monetary market .  
  investment multiplier .  
  invisible hand .  
  J-curve .  
  jobless claims .  
  John Maynard Keynes .  
  Keynesian Economics .  
  L .  
  labor force .  
  Laffer Curve .  
  law of demand .  
  law of supply .  
  leading indicator .  
  life cycle .  
  light crude oil .  
  liquidity preference theory .  
  Little Dragons .  
  loose credit .  
  Louvre Accord .  
  M1 .  
  M2 .  
  M3 .  
  macroeconomics .  
  marginal .  
  marginal propensity to consume .  
  market basket .  
  market economy .  
  market risk .  
  market share .  
  Marshall Plan .  
  mass market .  
  mature market .  
  mean reversion .  
  medium of exchange .  
  microeconomics .  
  minimum wage .  
  mint .  
  misery index .  
  modeling .  
  monetary policy .  
  Monetary Policy Committee .  
  monetary value .  
  monetize .  
  monetizing debt .  
  money supply .  
  monopoly .  
  monopsony .  
  multiplier .  
  NAPM index .  
  National Association of Purchasing Managers index .  
  National Debt .  
  National Deficit .  
  nationalization .  
  natural capitalism .  
  natural gas .  
  natural resources .  
  new home sales .  
  niche .  
  non-durable good .  
  noncash payment instrument .  
  nondiversifiable risk .  
  NY Empire Manufacturing Index .  
  OECD .  
  official settlements account .  
  offshoring .  
  oil refinery .  
  oligopoly .  
  open economy .  
  open market operation .  
  open market rates .  
  operating rate .  
  optimize .  
  overheating .  
  overvalued .  
  panic .  
  Pareto's Law .  
  peace dividend .  
  per capita income .  
  period certain .  
  Personal Consumption Expenditures .  
  personal inflation rate .  
  Phillips curve .  
  Plaza accord .  
  political economy .  
  population .  
  PPI .  
  price index .  
  price maker .  
  price taker .  
  private debt .  
  private sector .  
  Producer Price Index .  
  productivity .  
  productivity report .  
  profitable .  
  project link .  
  public sector .  
  public works project .  
  Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP) .  
  pure competition .  
  R&D .  
  Reaganomics .  
  real economic growth rate .  
  real gain or loss .  
  real GDP .  
  recovery .  
  reflation .  
  regulatory system .  
  renewable .  
  resale value .  
  restrictive credit policy .  
  Retail Price Index .  
  retail sales index .  
  RPI .  
  run up .  
  S&L Crisis .  
  S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index .  
  sales growth .  
  same-store sales .  
  Sarbanes-Oxley Act .  
  savings rate .  
  scarcity .  
  seasonal credit rate .  
  seasonality .  
  secular .  
  seller's market .  
  sequential .  
  service .  
  silver .  
  silver Thursday .  
  slowdown .  
  slump .  
  smokestack industry .  
  soaring markets .  
  soft market .  
  soft moat .  
  sour crude oil .  
  Special Drawing Rights .  
  squeeze .  
  stable market .  
  stagnation .  
  status quo .  
  statutory liquidity ratio .  
  Stephen Ross .  
  sterilization .  
  stock market crash .  
  stock market crash of 1987 .  
  stock valuation .  
  stress test .  
  subsidy .  
  Supplemental Security Income .  
  Supplementary Financing Program .  
  supply .  
  supply schedule .  
  supply-side economics .  
  supranational .  
  surplus .  
  swap rate .  
  systemic risk .  
  tar sands .  
  tax rebate .  
  Taylor Rule .  
  Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility .  
  Thomson Financial .  
  tight monetary policy .  
  tight money .  
  time value of money .  
  trade balance .  
  trade deficit .  
  trade surplus .  
  traditional economy .  
  treasury budget .  
  trickle-down theory .  
  unbalanced growth .  
  uncertainty .  
  undervalued .  
  undiversifiable risk .  
  unemployed .  
  unemployment rate .  
  variable interest rate .  
  velocity .  
  vertical integration .  
  West Texas intermediate .  
  wholesale price .  
  work force . Bretton Woods agreement

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