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_EN_ Lending, Loan, financing, Credit / AHA7 FIN MONSTER _English_ ('ECSE)

account, accounts receivable, additional principal payment, adjustable rate, adjustment date, advance rate, affordability index, after acquired clause, alienation clause, alt-a, amortization, amortization schedule, amortize, amortized, annual mortgagor statement, appraisal, appraiser, APR, asset conversion loan, asset financing, asset-backed security, asset-based finance, asset-based lending, assignment of mortgage, assignment of rents, assumed interest rate, at call, attachment, average dail ... etc. etc.

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_EN_ Lending, Loan, financing, Credit / AHA7 FIN MONSTER _English_ / ('ECSE)

  account .  
  accounts receivable .  
  additional principal payment .  
  adjustable rate .  
  adjustment date .  
  advance rate .  
  affordability index .  
  after acquired clause .  
  alienation clause .  
  alt-a .  
  amortization .  
  amortization schedule .  
  amortize .  
  amortized .  
  annual mortgagor statement .  
  appraisal .  
  appraiser .  
  APR .  
  asset conversion loan .  
  asset financing .  
  asset-backed security .  
  asset-based finance .  
  asset-based lending .  
  assignment of mortgage .  
  assignment of rents .  
  assumed interest rate .  
  at call .  
  attachment .  
  average daily balance method .  
  back-to-back loans .  
  bad debt .  
  bad debt reserve .  
  balance .  
  balance transfer .  
  balloon note .  
  balloon payment .  
  bank credit .  
  bank guarantee .  
  bank term loan .  
  bankrupt .  
  bankruptcy .  
  Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 .  
  base interest rate .  
  Basel II .  
  basis point .  
  basis swap .  
  bi-weekly mortgage loan .  
  blanket lien .  
  book runner .  
  borrow .  
  borrower .  
  borrowing base .  
  bridge loan .  
  broker loan .  
  broker loan rate .  
  building society .  
  business finance companies .  
  buydown .  
  call .  
  call loan .  
  call money rate .  
  callable loan .  
  cancellation of debt .  
  cap .  
  capital shares .  
  capitalized cost reduction .  
  carrying charge .  
  cash advance .  
  cash credit .  
  cash management bill .  
  cash-out refinancing .  
  ceiling .  
  certificate of eligibility .  
  Certificates for Amortizing Revolving Debts .  
  Certified Mortgage Consultant .  
  Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist .  
  Chapter 10 .  
  Chapter 13 .  
  Chapter 7 .  
  character loan .  
  charge card .  
  charge off .  
  classified loan .  
  clean .  
  CLO .  
  closed-end credit .  
  closing statement .  
  COF Index .  
  collateral .  
  collateral surety .  
  collateralized .  
  Collaterized Loan Obligation .  
  collection float .  
  combined loan to value ratio .  
  commercial bank .  
  commercial lending .  
  commercial mortgage .  
  commercial mortgage-backed security .  
  commercial property .  
  commitment fee .  
  conduit borrower .  
  conforming loan .  
  Connie Lee .  
  consolidated mortgage bond .  
  consolidation loan .  
  constant maturity swap .  
  constant payment .  
  constant payment loan .  
  Constant Proportion Debt Obligation (CPDO) .  
  consumer debt .  
  consumer finance .  
  consumer interest .  
  consumer reporting agency .  
  conventional mortgage .  
  convertibility clause .  
  Convertible ARM .  
  core capital .  
  correspondency system .  
  cost of debt capital .  
  cost of funds .  
  cramdown .  
  credit .  
  credit agency .  
  credit analyst .  
  credit card .  
  credit check .  
  credit cycle .  
  credit default swap .  
  credit facility .  
  credit history .  
  credit instrument .  
  credit limit .  
  credit line .  
  credit quality .  
  credit rating .  
  credit repair .  
  credit report .  
  credit score .  
  creditor .  
  creditor's committee .  
  creditworthiness .  
  crowding out .  
  cure period .  
  current portion of long-term debt .  
  current production rate .  
  date of maturity .  
  dating .  
  death put .  
  debenture .  
  debt .  
  debt bomb .  
  debt consolidation .  
  debt instrument .  
  debt retirement .  
  debt securities .  
  debt security .  
  debt service .  
  debt to income ratio .  
  debtor .  
  debtor in possession .  
  debtor-in-possession financing .  
  Deed of Release .  
  default .  
  default rate .  
  deferred interest .  
  deferred payment .  
  demand loan .  
  Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act .  
  direct access notes (DANs) .  
  direct lease .  
  discharge .  
  discharge of lien .  
  discount interest .  
  discount loan .  
  discrete compounding .  
  double net lease .  
  down payment .  
  due-on-sale clause .  
  duration gap .  
  earnings credit rate .  
  effective annual interest rate .  
  eligible accounts .  
  Emergency Home Finance Act of 1970 .  
  empty creditor .  
  enterprise zone .  
  equity kicker .  
  equity mortgage .  
  equity securities .  
  equity value .  
  Euro Overnight Index Average .  
  Eurocredit .  
  evaluator .  
  evergreen .  
  evergreen loan .  
  exact interest .  
  excess spread .  
  exchange traded note .  
  exchangeable debenture .  
  expected family contribution .  
  explicit interest .  
  Export-Import Bank .  
  exposure at default .  
  FAFSA .  
  Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 .  
  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act .  
  fallout risk .  
  Farmer's Home Administration (FHA) .  
  Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation .  
  federal credit agencies .  
  Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation .  
  Federal Housing Administration .  
  Federal Housing Finance Board .  
  Federal Intermediate Credit Bank .  
  Federal National Mortgage Association .  
  Federal Savings and Loan Association .  
  Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC) .  
  FHA .  
  FHA Loan .  
  finance charge .  
  finance company .  
  financial institution .  
  financial risk .  
  firm commitment lending .  
  first lien debt .  
  first mortgage .  
  fixed interest .  
  fixed term reverse mortgage .  
  Fixed-Rate Mortgage .  
  float .  
  floating debt .  
  floating rate .  
  floor limit .  
  forbearance .  
  foreclosure .  
  forward curve .  
  forward differential .  
  forward interest rate .  
  forward sale .  
  Free Application for Federal Student Aid .  
  FRM .  
  full faith and credit .  
  funded debt .  
  general lien .  
  general mortgage .  
  General Mortgage Associate .  
  gestation repo .  
  Ginnie Mae .  
  good faith estimate .  
  government mortgage .  
  government obligations .  
  government sponsored enterprise (GSE) .  
  graduated payment mortgage .  
  Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act .  
  growing equity mortgage .  
  haircut .  
  high credit .  
  high-ratio mortgage .  
  highly leveraged transaction .  
  Home Equity Conversion Mortgage .  
  home equity debt .  
  home equity loan .  
  Home Mortgage Disclosure Act .  
  HUD-1 statement .  
  hybrid ARM .  
  hypothecation .  
  imputed interest .  
  Income Deposit Security (IDS) .  
  income limits .  
  incremental cost of capital .  
  indexed loan .  
  initial interest rate .  
  insolvency .  
  insolvent .  
  installment .  
  installment loan .  
  insured mortgage .  
  interest .  
  interest coverage .  
  interest deduction .  
  interest rate derivative .  
  interest rate floor .  
  interest reserve account .  
  interest warrant .  
  interest-elastic .  
  interest-only loan .  
  interest-sensitive stock .  
  interim financing .  
  inventory financing .  
  inventory lien .  
  involuntary liquidation .  
  joint and several liability .  
  joint mortgage .  
  jumbo loan .  
  junior .  
  junior mortgage .  
  Keating Five .  
  law day .  
  lease acquisition cost .  
  legal assets .  
  lend .  
  lending .  
  lending agreement .  
  lending standards .  
  letter of credit .  
  leverage .  
  leverage ratio .  
  leveraged company .  
  leveraging .  
  levered .  
  levered free cash flow .  
  liabilities .  
  liar loan .  
  lien .  
  lien affidavit .  
  lien waiver .  
  life of loan cap .  
  lifetime cap .  
  line of credit .  
  liquidate .  
  loan .  
  loan amortization .  
  loan commitment .  
  loan officer .  
  loan sharking .  
  loan stock .  
  loan value .  
  loan-value ratio .  
  lock-in .  
  lock-up cd .  
  long-term debt .  
  long-term financing .  
  loose credit .  
  loss given default .  
  LTC .  
  LTV .  
  lump sum .  
  margin lending .  
  margin loan .  
  marginal cost of capital .  
  marginal lender .  
  Market Index Target Term Securities (MITTS) .  
  market-indexed cd .  
  matured .  
  maturity .  
  maturity gap .  
  MBS .  
  minimum payment .  
  Monetary Policy Committee .  
  money at call .  
  money factor .  
  Moodys .  
  mortgage .  
  Mortgage Acceleration Program .  
  mortgage banker .  
  mortgage banking .  
  mortgage debt .  
  mortgage insurance .  
  mortgage interest deduction .  
  mortgage life insurance .  
  mortgage note .  
  mortgage origination .  
  mortgage originator .  
  mortgage pass-through security .  
  mortgage pool .  
  mortgage risk .  
  mortgage servicing .  
  mortgage-backed certificate .  
  mortgage-backed security .  
  mortgager .  
  negative amortization .  
  negative carry .  
  negative interest rate .  
  negative yield curve .  
  Nellie Mae .  
  no-lien affidavit .  
  non-conforming loan .  
  non-purpose loan .  
  non-revolving credit card .  
  nonperforming asset .  
  nonrecourse debt .  
  note loan .  
  Notice of Default .  
  notional principal amount .  
  novation .  
  obligation .  
  obligor .  
  Office of Financial Stability .  
  on-the-spot loan .  
  open market rates .  
  open mortgage .  
  open-end credit .  
  open-end mortgage .  
  origination fee .  
  outstanding .  
  overadvance .  
  overdraft .  
  owe .  
  PAC bond .  
  package mortgage .  
  paid .  
  parallel loan .  
  Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students .  
  partially amortized loan .  
  participation .  
  participation loan .  
  passbook loan .  
  past-due balance method .  
  pay as you go basis .  
  payment shock .  
  pc .  
  penalty .  
  Perkins loan .  
  piggyback loan .  
  PITI .  
  pledge .  
  pledging .  
  point .  
  points .  
  policy loan .  
  pool factor .  
  positive carry .  
  predatory lending .  
  preferred debt .  
  preforeclosure sale .  
  prepaid interest .  
  prepayment penalty .  
  prepayment risk .  
  prequalification .  
  primary credit rate .  
  Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF) .  
  prime .  
  prime accounts .  
  principal .  
  principal amount .  
  principal balance .  
  principal risk .  
  prioritization of debt .  
  private debt .  
  Private Mortgage Insurance .  
  projected maturity date .  
  promissory note .  
  Public-Private Investment Program (PPIP) .  
  purchase loan .  
  purchase-money mortgage .  
  purpose loan .  
  purpose statement .  
  qualifying ratios .  
  quasi-equity .  
  quick ratio .  
  rating trigger .  
  real estate owned .  
  real interest rate .  
  receivership .  
  redlining .  
  reduction-option loan (ROL) .  
  Regulation G .  
  Regulation T .  
  Regulation Z .  
  rehypothecation .  
  release clause .  
  release of liability .  
  renegotiable rate .  
  replevin .  
  repossession .  
  required reserve rate .  
  rescheduled loan .  
  residential mortgage .  
  Resolution Funding Corporation .  
  resolution trust corporation (RTC) .  
  restrictive covenant .  
  restrictive credit policy .  
  retire .  
  reverse mortgage .  
  reverse-annuity mortgage .  
  revolving line of credit .  
  rich .  
  risk transfer .  
  roll over .  
  rollover mortgage .  
  Rule of 78 .  
  sale and leaseback .  
  sandwich lease .  
  satisfaction of debt .  
  second lien debt .  
  second mortgage .  
  secondary credit rate .  
  secondary mortgage market .  
  secured credit card .  
  secured loan .  
  securities .  
  securitization .  
  security .  
  security interest .  
  security loan .  
  senior .  
  senior debt .  
  senior secured debt .  
  senior security .  
  sensitivity .  
  settle .  
  settlement sheet .  
  shadow banking system .  
  share appreciation mortgage .  
  shareholder loan .  
  sight letter of credit .  
  simple interest .  
  single-payment loan .  
  Small Business Administration .  
  soft loan .  
  solvent .  
  Stafford loan .  
  standby loan commitment .  
  start rate .  
  stock power .  
  stripped mortgage-backed securities .  
  structured finance .  
  Student Loan Marketing Association .  
  subordinated .  
  subordination clause .  
  subprime loan .  
  subprime mortgage .  
  subrogate .  
  swap .  
  swing loan .  
  swingline loan .  
  synthetic collateralized debt obligation .  
  synthetic lease .  
  TED spread .  
  Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility .  
  Term Auction Facility .  
  term deposit .  
  Termination Statement .  
  time note .  
  timing option .  
  total capitalization .  
  trading on the equity .  
  TransUnion .  
  Treasury index .  
  triple net lease .  
  Truth in Lending .  
  two-step mortgage .  
  unearned interest .  
  United States Government Securities .  
  unsecured .  
  unsecured loan .  
  unsubordinated debt .  
  usury laws .  
  value .  
  variable interest rate .  
  variable rate .  
  Velda Sue .  
  voucher .  
  wage assignment .  
  weighted average maturity .  
  wholesale money . attachment

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Photo: Eug.Pivovarov, Russia.

With the help tool fax7 FAX7 ORGATEXT you will find for the subjects of your choice all free letter templates, samples, prepared application forms available on the Internet.

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(Photo: A howling wolf in: Wildpark Eekholt,Germany; by Volker.G.; Lic.GNU Free Doc 1.2++)

    (Photo:. _DE_"Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" (colloquial)
_EN_ (literal:) "An egg laying wool milk swine" (a truly versatile 'magic' tool; IT colloquial equivalent: "Jack of all trades (device)")
_FR_ "mouton à 5 pattes qui pond des œufs et qui donne du lait" (colloquial - literal translation: "a sheep with 5 legs which lays eggs and supplies milk") - 'Photo' by Georg Mittenecker and others; Lic.Creat.Comm.Attr.Sh.Alike v2.5 & v2.0)

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A fortune burned due to "expert" advice?
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(Photo: 2005 Eric Hensley, Creat.Comm. Attrib. ShareAlike 2.5 Lic.: A school burns, Aberdeen High School, state =Washington /US.)

Photo by Kahuroa, 2007: Poumatua (chief), carved; from the Maori meeting house Hotunui, Ngati Maru, Hauraki, built 1878. Now in the Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand.

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(Photo: U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds: Airshow, 2007, Colorado. - Publ.dom.)

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