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TRANSRANTO - how to enable for your product documentation a totally automatic software translation in 50 language without major unintended content modifications.

TRANSRANTO - how to enable automatic software translation in 50 language without major unintended content modifications
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Now you can skip language barriers. TRANSRANTO improves software-based language translation.
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Photo: International cooperation - perfection requires zero fault handbook translation.
(Photo: 2005, NASA. - Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson, International Space Station’s Canadarm2. Background: Earth’s horizon.)


Translation into other languages ​​is very expensive. This prevents companies and organizations to work on an international level. The major problem typically does not concern the business transactions in other languages. The major problem typically concerns the translation of a significant volume of technical information.


TRANSRANTO is the solution for the most frequent case group. Technical documentation normally does not require a linguistic average quality. The major requirement is only to enable a good understanding of content. It is also important to avoid the typical important errors of software translation in case of language ambiguities.

TRANSRANTO is a service toolbox and software for text modifications which eliminate most of these problems. This enables free translation of your text into the most important 50 languages ​​of the world. Just a one-time investment in the TRANSRANTO licence is required. This includes annual updates. - Your original text will be changed by you or by your translator.

The quality of translations is not perfect. The quality is inadequate for marketing and media. For many other applications, the quality is good enough. Current machine translation without TRANSRANTO usually leads to significant distortion of the content. TRANSRANTO is the solution. There is little distortion of the contents or the vocabulary.

"TRANSRANTO"? - "Espe_ranto", a unique world language, was 100 years ago the "hope". TRANS_RANTO is the reality. - The final name will not be TRANSRANTO. The final name will be disclosed after usual name protection measures.

TRANSRANTO is a good solution for large handbooks and for manuals. The companies with this kind of translation requirements are also welcome to become a financial investment partner.

Your original text has to be modified by you or by your translator is. (A service on the web will make this task easier.) Then you can obtain free translations from your text on the Internet. Among the 50 major languages of the world you can choose as many as you like. - You can make at any time subsequent minor changes In the original text. This does not require any further external service. You can then again translate everything for free into 50 languages.

The quality of translations is not perfect. The quality is inadequate for marketing and media. For many other applications, the quality is good enough. In case of automatic translation, the content and the meaning are frequently falsified. This new concept is the solution. The quality of the language and the grammar is still low, but is far better. The most important improvement is: The meaning and the vocabulary are normally translated without major errors. - "TRANSRANTO"? "Espe_ranto" was the "hope". TRANS_RANTO is the reality. .


This service is set up when funding is obtained. Funding is required for the software, for protective registrations and for the marketing. Financial contributions from 10 000 € or more are efficient. A good yield is expected.

TRANSRANTO is ideal for handbooks, for maintenance guides, for technical specifications, for official regulations, for FAQs. For companies and organisations with corresponding needs it is recommended to become a financial partner.

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