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PLURANTO, future world language: You can use from now this anticipation of the future universal language of human civilisation.

PLURANTO - anticipation of the future universal language of human civilisation
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PLURANTO is the attempt to anticipate major parts of the emerging future word language. This project solves various problems of international activities. - Examples:

(A) Classification systems require category titles. An ideal solution would be that the category titles would be understandable to users in various languages without much need for translation. This is because classification category descriptions are difficult to translate.

Classification systems are required for online knowledge archives and for content media sites amd for libraries of digital publications amd for traditional libraries. All collaborative organizations also depend on classification of internal documents and of targets and of todo-registries.

(B) How to make international documents accompanying international parcel and product delivery? It should be possible to understand them, more or less properly, in all languages. How to make short instructions and warning signs that can be understood in all major languages ​​of the earth?

(C) How to make warning (traffic, computing devices ,...) that can be understood, more or less properly, by people from different countries?

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PLURANTO is a "natural artificial language". PLURANTO tries to already anticipate the emerging future common language of the world civilization. In a few centuries we will have such a universal language. This reunification process of languages occurred since thousands of years. It is happening with increasing speed since about 1700. This is due to intensifying international cooperation. Since the generalized Internet use the process is much accelerated in our time.

This language assimilation does not occur analogous to the Latin language. Now and this time, the language spread is not enforced by an empire. The citizens of the various countries freely choose language fragments as import goods.

There is a permanent up and down of cycles of linguas francas. So, English will not be the final language of world civilization. Anyway, so far mainly the scientific English language vocabulary segments have been imported into the permanent vocabulary of various major languages. This vocabulary is not true English language. There is nothing like a true English language. The English language is itself is a melting pot language. The internationally spreading vocabulary segments are mainly Latin language in its deformation status created by the English language and by the French language.

PLURANTO is the collection of already used internationalized vocabulary. PLURANTO applies only ubiquitous grammar elements. This makes it possible to make now texts which can be understood in virtually all languages ​​of the world. The simplicity of these constructs is similar to the English and to the Chinese language. Both languages dropped during long periods of prevailing lazy language use their original relative complex linguistic constructs.

The vocabulary of PLURANTO was distributed in a very small first version around 1990 to 1997 in France. The idea was exported as a side effect of a software library copy authorisation to some Brazil research sites and to some Esperanto sites. A Google search for PLURANTO shows some remaining traces. The time has come to reactivate the concept and to bring it up to the level of productive use.

"PLURANTO"? The artificial language "Esperanto" was the "hope" of a peacefully cooperating world civilization. Two world wars followed. A world without hope? - Esperanto is an artificial language. PLURANTO is reality. PLURANTO conforms to the pluralism of civilizations. Its future evolution has an open end. It is always a language snapshot at a given point of time. By its expressive elaboration, PLURANTO could accelerate the process on the long road of several centuries to a universal world language.


The required total minimal budget is 30 000 USD per year. If only far lower donations or grants can be obtained, this would be used for reduced minimal first steps. Helpful are amounts of 3 000 USD or more.

Companies and organizations might be interested to subsidize a PLURANTO vocabulary for their specific activity. Funding agreements can define such priorities.

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