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"SPHINX SECOND BRAIN" - this classification system covers all knowledge of human civilization. Useful: This helps to retrieve files on your own PC.

"SPHINX SECOND BRAIN" - classification system for all and for everything:
How to classify the knowledge of human civilisation?
Or just retrieve your own files on your own PC?
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image: Sphinx head detailed  ______________________


Knowledge access and knowledge computing are limited by some basic logical difficulties. These difficulties can only be resolved by a generalized unique universal classification system. This task is until now unresolved.

Photo: Sphinx knows all things - (C) 2010 usr.Alchemist-hp (= Heinrich P.), CPL-Lic..

For example: There is no access method to the selection of information quality without some kind of knowledge classification. - For this purpose, the _Dewey_ _Decimal_ _Classification_ concept (Dewey Decimal Classification) is the most widely used library classification scheme. Scientific libraries all over the world are using it or variants of it. This concept has been invented 200 years ago by the German universal scientist G.W. Leibniz (1646-1716). This is the origin of current worldwide prevailing forms of knowledge classification. It is embedded in the general scientific progress of that time.

An invention for eternity? No progress possible? No need to have something more recent? No need to look for better methods? No better way. now that we have computers?

Is a decimal classification concept the optimum? And why not hexadecimal? Why not octal? This aspect as such demonstrates that the decimal system is a concept of the past. It is a concept in the spirit of its time. It is a concept of (decimal) number admiration. It is an outdated concept. It can not any more be the best choice. It can not enough contribute to the future need for intelligence computing.


The SPHINX classification system. It is based on idea computing and recursion. It mirrors the way like the human brain generates internal categories of matters and ideas.:


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Up to public availability: 40 000 USD. - Participation: 10 (or more) % from this.

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(This is a module of a more comprehensive overall project. But it can also be financed independently and used.)

Photo: Sphinx knows all things - (C) 2010 usr.Alchemist-hp (= Heinrich P.), CPL-Lic..

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.“ (Benjamin Franklin, 1706 – 1790)

METADATEX - web-based idea & contact managers with lifetime guaranty.
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image: contact data:: go to und7,.org

Close to everybody has problems how to maintain a really permanent life-time storage of address data, pas_s words etc.. All software and Internet suppliers want to place their users in the prison of their specific data structures.

Close to everybody was obliged to retype during the past several times his addressses and other key information into a new software or other proprietory standard.


There is in fact a solution. It never fails. It always works. It has no size limits. It settles all problems.
it works on all computing platforms and on practically all smart phones.


Investors who want to benefit from such a concept, are invited to take part.
Up to public availability: 80 000 USD. - Participation: 5 (or more) % from this.

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(This is a module of a more comprehensive overall project. But it can also be financed independently and used.)

Sounds great - innovation for knowledge management?

The truth is, it is just another variant of permanent concepts. Let us look back to 1991 and see the proof.

The following is a list of recommended application of the CONCORDANCE (TM) data base system. This is from the original text 1991.

Offered by the Company DATAFLIGHT SOFTWARE, context online(!) resources, in 1991 already offered for close to everything, also on-line, what we are now doing with local computers, text processing, data base applications, and via the Internet:

"Marketing • Target Market Evaluation • Board of Directors' Meeting Minutes • Poison Control Hotline • Customer and Prospect Tracking • Competitive Information • Field Report Analysis • On-line Help Manuals • Litigation • Document Locator File • Document Productions • Depositions • Quality Control Systems • Configuration Control • Index to Pleadings • Expert Witness Biographies • Case Histories and Records • Contracts Administration • Case and Law Research • Personnel and Administration • Periodical Index • Client and Customer Information • Benefits Administration • Education • Corporate Policies and Procedures • Labor Relations • Agricultural Manuals • Claims Tracking and Analysis • In-house Skills Inventory for Fast Project Ramp-ups • Resume and Requirements Matching • Books • Financial and Insurance • Regulations Management • Compliance Reports • Equipment and Field Service Reports • Company Financial Data • Office Automation Networks • Electronic File Cabinet • Reference Librap/ • Newsletters and Public Relations • On-line Library • Competitor Intelligence Files • Maintenance Manuals • Press Clippings • Manufacturing • Memos, Notes, Letters • Business Meeting Minutes • CD-ROM Publishing • Government • Regulation Compliance: OSHA, FARS • Proposal Analysis • Legislation Tracking • Scientific and Medical • System Design Documents • Case Histories and Diagnosis Support • Technical Information Center • Patent Information • Card Catalogs • Technical and Research Libraries • Local Area Network Based Information Dissemination • Rim and Script Tracking • Publishing • Clip Morgue • Newspaper Library • Business and News Abstracts • Public Information Centers • On-line Biographies • Historical Information • Course Catalogs • Placement and Recruiting Systems • Alumni Tracking • Research and Analysis • Publishing Government Information •Marketing • Target Market Evaluation • Board of Directors' Meeting Minutes • Poison Control • Customer and Prospect Tracking • Competitive Information • Field Report Analysis • On-line Help Manuals • Document Locator File • Trademarks • Depositions 'Document Productions • Education • Quality Control Systems • Configuration Control • Litigation • Index to Pleadings • Expert Witness Biographies • Contracts Administration • Case Histories and Records • Case and Law Research • Manufacturing • In-house Skills Inventory for Fast Project Ramp-ups • Library • Personnel and Administration • Periodical Index • Benefits Planning and Administration • Labor Relations • Client and Customer Information • Regulations Management • Resume and Requirements Matching • Agricultural Manuals • Claims Tracking and Analysis • Financial and Insurance • Compliance Reports • Reference Library • Equipment and Field Service Reports • Company Financial Data • Corporate Policies and Procedures • Office Automation • Electronic File Cabinet • Newsletters and Public Relations • Maintenance Manuals • Press Clippings • Competitor Intelligence Files • Memos, Notes, Letters • Intelligence • Business Meeting Minutes • CD-ROM Publishing • Government • Safety Regulation Compliance • System Design Documents • Case Histories and Diagnosis Support • Proposal Analysis • Legislation Tracking • Scientific and Medical • Card Catalogs • Technical Information Centers"

VIRTAVIV - virtual brain life for died persons (idea simulator)? ´
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image: death or life: Catrinas

This is something which should never be done. It should be prohibited by law. In addition, it is nonsense.
The problem with this problem is, people always want to do what is prohibited. In addition, over 50 % of our life time is anyway already used for nonsense.

Photo: Mexican folk culture: The Catrina is the skeleton of a high society woman and is one of the most popular figures of the celebrations 'Day of the Dead'. You can chat with her once every year. - © 2007 by Tomascastelazo; GNU Free Doc.Lic.v1.2++


This topic is very controversial. Therefore the information is limited to these few lines.


How much would you like to spend to maintain your chance for your real false second life?

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(This is a module of a more comprehensive overall project. But it can also be financed independently and used.)

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Available Services:

INFO-MAX: Extended Information + answers:
US$ 120, EUR 96. Etwa 2 Seiten; sowie Aktualisierungsdienst.
In addition: After reception you can send questions of your specific interest. Then typically ~2 pages will be added: In an effort to supply some helpful contribution related to your questions.

SERVICE-EXPERT: Short expertises:
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Your message should normally include:
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(1) Investment: Appreciated contacts:
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► individuals (intenions to clarify). (1000++)

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SYNTELLSYS: Quality information from several sources within 1 virtual top level knowledge archive
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image: 2x_Thunderbird ______________________


How to coordinate big information archives? - SYNTELLSYS can be used for this frequent task.

Example: Several organizations or companies want that their employees or researchers have efficient access to the information archives of all these organizations.

Such a project may concern all kind of knowledge archives. The Internet is the same issue, but on a universal and global level.

There are several typical solutions for this problem. For the Internet there are solutions such as Google or Bing. The problem is that standard solutions do not address the real problem. The need for the selection of quality is normally not supported up to a satisfactory level.

Improvisations on the logical level are helpful for the public Internet: Keyword search engines. Such improvisations are not sufficient for business and research tasks. This requires a more efficient access to internal knowledge.


SYNTELLSYS is a possible solution.

SYNTELLSYS is based on the following considerations:

(1) Information selection based on quality requires access to a knowledge hierarchy. This is a structure like a usual library catalog.

(2) Significant amounts of information (from organizations or from quality Web sites) can only be merged with the help of automated software. It would be too expensive if human work is involved.

(3) Information quality should be the most important selection criterium. This requires the exclusion or the downgrading of information of low quality. It requires priority settings for information of great value.

(4) A synthesis system (software) is required. Structure rules and connections are required for each of the participating knowledge archives. (Example: individual sites.)

(5) High quality of information requires decentralization for the content management. The individual knowledge archives remain the property of their respective owners. Therefore, for many purposes the fusion of individual information resources must be only virtual.

(6) Best quality of content is usually not to access from the public Internet. Required is an access authorization system of extreme complexity for the global virtual access system.

(7) All single knowledge archives should be in permanent interaction for instant updates.

(8) The software should be in a universal and "eternal" programming language with implementations on all platforms: The identical software should work out of the box not only on Linux, but also on MS Wndows, on Android and on other major operating systems. At the same time the language should be easy to modify. Rapid manual software modifications should be possible without really knowing how to program.

(9) The software should run on on all file systems (LINUX, MS-Windows, Android,...). Data storage should be possible on the old standards of DVDs and CD-ROMs. This leads to requirements related to data base concepts and to file and directory names. - Therefore the LINUX (UNIX) permission system can not be used for permission settings for user groups. The supervisor software has to include the functionality of permission settings.

The availability of SYNTELLSYS:

The functions for (1) ... (9) have been implemented and are in permanent background use for the following content sites:

_EN_ =in English language:
_DE_ =in German language:
_FR_ =in French language:
and various other Web sites.

This implementation is on a minimal level. All basic problems of the requirements (1) ... (9) have been resolved. But in its current state it can not be used by other organizations. It is just software code without documentation and without manuals amd without comments. Even programmers would be unable to exploit the current state.

All concepts are scalable for a large unlimited information volume. But scaling and interfacing to external sites, this will require software extensions which still have to be created.

SYNTELLSYS is only a temporary name. The similar final name will be specified here when name protection has been completed.

Photo: The synthesis in perfect harmony. - U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds: Airshow, 2007, Colorado. - Publ.dom.)

The project is waiting for investors. The solution provides two business models.

The first concept is for the internal consolidation of information within organizations, businesses, content, media sites, publishers, and also for individual authors.

The second approach is for the public Internet. It is the global consolidation for a number of cooperating dispersed information archives. All functions are automatic and are controlled by software.

Theoretically,, the concept could also serve as a public information retrieval system for the general public Internet. But that would not be realistic for the current state. The Internet volume problem requires more than just software.


There is no need to immediately start a big project. The initial volume can cover circumscribed specific topics. The overall goal is defined. Individual modules can therefore also be defined. These modules can be the starting point.

An investment amount of 10 000 USD (or more) can be useful for certain sub-projects.

A good concept might be to gradually release the various modules as freeware. The managers of knowledge archives could start instantly with the use of some of the individual modules.

The freeware concept would allow a rapid and widespread use of these tools. The new freeware site would benefit from earnings by advertisement. Concept extensions could be made on demand for a service fee.

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(This is a module of a more comprehensive overall project. But it can also be financed independently and used.)

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