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PILLDOUNG - knowledge sites: Education + comprehension - how to gain deep knowledge (rather than trivia, news and fact knowledge)

PILLDOUNG - knowledge sites: Education + comprehension (rather than trivia, news and fact knowledge)
_1_      " EBB-KWK-BILDUN "

image: budda


Education should provide intelligence, not just memorization of facts.

Photo: Buddha Daibutsu, Kamakura, Japan. 2005 by Dirk Beyer, Lic.: Creat.Comm. Attrib.Sh.Al. v.3.0.


Various approaches are here in the testing stage to form mostly self-constructing appropriate media sites. This should be centered around education, understanding and thinking, not the quantity of facts. This applies to sites for education and learning as well as to daily news media sites.

This is opposed to trivia knowledge, opposed to arrogant OECD comparisons, to RSS News, opposed to low quality blogs. This is in the terminology of the European Union opposed to Pisa comparisons and opposed to the faults of the Bologna policy.

This is also about automated coordinaton of quality journalism. More details on request for press publishers, book publishers, investors.

The approaches integrate miscellaneous subjects from this overview of investment opportunities. Examples:

"E-Books", "Internet threatens press "
"Sphinx Classification System"
"PSEUCALC pseudo-calculus" for wrong / correct rankings
"Transranto" Multilingualism;
"COPVOS virtual operating system".


Participation starting from USD 10 000. Above-average returns.

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(This is a module of a more comprehensive overall project. But it can also be financed independently and used.)


This is only supplied in an English language version:

Google translation for _EN_ "deep thinking" is:
_FR_ "la pensée profonde"
_DE_ "deep thinking" (alternativ: tiefes Denken, tiefe Gedanken)
_ES_ "pensamiento profundo"
_RU_ "глубокие размышления" (back translation: "deep thought", "deep reflection")
_ZH_ "深層次的思考 " (back translation: "deep thinking") ---

Google translation for _DE_ "Bildung" is:
_EN_ "education" (or formation or forming)
_FR_ "éducation" (or: enseignement)
_ES_ "educación" (or: la enseñanza) -
_RU_ "образование" (back translation: "education")
_ZH_ "教育" (back translation: "education") ---

Those knowing German language have to state: Nothing of this is a equivalent for the complex meaning of the German word "Bildung". There is no evident single word equivalent for this German word. This translation limit is helpful to understand the subject of this project.

The word "Bildung" (literal linguistic translation: "becoming image") had been created by the first main German philosopher ("Master" / Meister Eckhart), seven centuries ago, who creted the initial basic vocabulary of German philosphy. "Bildung" in the sense of "becoming wise and get wisdom - to become similar to God" - approaching to become an image. This was evidently not the personalized God in the sense of some Christian church dogmas. So he got a lot of trouble. He had good luck because he finally succeeded to die in a natural manner before the end of the inquisition procedure.

A permanent cultural exchange between East and South Asia and continental Europe is a historical fact. It is difficult to evaluate and to supply evidence in detail of the impact. But we should always be aware of this impact. In German language the word "Gebot" = (Ge-)bot (in its sense of commandment of the Christian religion) is in language history related to Buddha (but not a very direct or historical correlation). - Greco-Buddhism, sometimes spelled Graeco-Buddhism, refers to the cultural syncretism between Hellenistic culture and Buddhism.

As you see on this text page: Buddha has been chosen as the guiding image for this project targeted towards "Bildung" = approaching to "become an image" of universal wisdom. This should not be interprated in any correlation to any official formal religion. It is just to express the universal value of universal wisdom and deep thinking. The preceding lines wanted to give evidence how this is universal - worldwide for all current dominating civilisations - and also for people who do not adhere to any religious belief.

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