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illegal predatory types of capitalism. Project for funding by foundations, subsidies, donors, grants, investors.

VOX7 LIBRA LIMIT - against illegal predatory types of capitalism
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Is predatory capitalism endangering democracy? How to restore the socially balanced market economy including full employment? A job for everybody, but also for everybody the obligation to work...

The legal and institutional framework against penal code violations in the field of business and investment exists in all modern legal systems. But this is almost never applied to frequent criminal offences committed by pinstripe perpetrators of the financial markets.

In many countries, governmental policy has largely been adapted to the dictates of the lobbies of the financial markets. The lobby clients - business leaders - dare criminal offences occasionally and some of them frequently. This is by the participants of govermental policy apparently not any more considered as a true problem. The annual earnings of players in the financial markets are 10 - to 100-fold of those by the Members of Parliaments and by governmental senior officials. "Somebody who is so precious, he can not be criminal." - He can.

There is a risk that finally in the financial markets only those are among the winners who exploit the illegal freedom of unprosecuted criminal offences. This trend might in the long run eliminate real honest hard-working financial insitutions. This trend might progressively create unscrupulous predatory capitalism. The governmental policy is in this case ultimately the guilty cause. The guilt accusation is: Stupidity.

Restriction: This topic concerns national governmental aspects.
For this kind of topics this international site applies a restriction. This Internet site will only show an analysis of optional concepts. The engagement in favor of a choice among these options should remain in the hands and on the Web sites of citizens of a specific country.

It threatens no future conflict between predatory capitalism and democracy. This conflict is no possible threat because this conflict is already a reality.
Governments and state budgets and other public financial resources are already the victims of unscrupulous financial manipulation.

Example:    'We invest bankers distribute exciting news. For this we use sophisticated media marketing channelst or rating concepts. Our exciting news are that a specific country is close to bankruptcy.
In the meantime, we make interest rate and currency speculation. The pricing for the debt of this country is down. Our speculations instruments suppose rescue by governmental intrvention.
Then we pay our powerful lobby. Its task is to create a "rescue" hysteria among politicians. So we get an extremely profitable result for our speculation tools. We will get full coverage of our planned profits at the expense of taxpayers. 100 percent or more of annual profits for the invested money, due to the leverage of the used financial instruments.'

Healthy public budgets are a necessary element of democracy. In this example, predatory capitalism pursues the destruction of democracy.

Billions and trillions in profits for the smart financial industry, paid by the taxpayers. Tens of millions of annual bonus payment dollars for the Monopoly experts, for those among the Pinstripe gentlemen who are not any more true gentlemen. Profits which are financed from the losses of the poor tax payers.

The prayer of these persons: 'God grant us always enough politicians of this kind! - We first fabricate for journalists their exciting headline news. The journalists fabricate the base for our billion profits. The tax payers end up in misery. The risk for democracy is not our problem. We have enough money to live in peace with any kind of government.' The old horror stories of conspiratorial paranoia of left-wing ideology arrives in the real world.

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A defence system on the Internet is required. It should supply defence tools for citizens, for the tax payers. The new Web site should explain the concepts and types of most now apparently tolerated criminal offences of the financial markets.

The legal basis of the illegality should be explained in a clear and comprehensive manner. There should be guidance to citizens how to communicate such cases to authorities for prosecution. This communication of evidence should this way become so efficient that almost certainly a criminal case will be opened.

The goal is not to obtain an increasing prosecution volume. The simple existence of such a registry would influence the typical offender groups. They would tend to opt for legal and allowed strategies on the financial markets. Only this is the purpose of this project.

Why pay bank managers their investment banking employees sometimes more than themselves? Funny? ... Or is it sometimes the bonus for those who do the dirty work? Is the goal that in a legal emergency situation the manager can prove to have a clean slate? A legal offence analysis center on the Internet for all citizens would just by its existence be dissuasive for such strategies.


How much money will you, the tax payer, contribute for such services to save your money? You might also want to save the money of our children. In some countries, it will take a generation to pay the money back which has been burnt until now within 3 year for bank bailouts and for banks and in Europe for the rescue of countries

Remember the rule of accounting that losses at point one generate profits at point two. You are the tax payer. You know that you are the looser. Now you should try to guess who is the winner of this same money. Democracy is endangered if this continues.

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The financial markets, do they manipulate governments?
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"Too big to fail"...? Financial bets on governmental behavior weakness...?


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Prepare possible solutions for decisions. Media relations for enforcement.


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(This is a module of a more comprehensive overall project. But it can also be financed independently and used.)

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Governments, do they manipulate the financial markets?
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Prepare possible solutions for decisions. Media relations for enforcement.


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(This is a module of a more comprehensive overall project. But it can also be financed independently and used.)

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