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for business
  How to finance:   Money - how to find and how to get it.
  medias, press, intern-e-tional activities,...
  economic activities:   Companies, business, freelance, organizations:   How to manage, create, optimize.
  economic sytem   and politics, institutions, public adminstration, organizations
for YOU
  Investmarkets:   Money - how to invest +increase it.
  your health:   how to live (nearly) always without a doctor.
  science, education, free information & media access
  lifestyle, travel, cars, home, garden,
  culture, photo & video, art, languages,...
  Laws as arms. Legal battles.   Protect your rights (public administration, banks, businesses etc.)
  Taxes:   How not to violate law when paying less taxes.
  Politics :   Government. Freedom. Justice. Wealth / poverty. Utopia / reality. War / peace. Etc..

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