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AHA7 LINGUMAX : 'Language Champion' / Russian: How to learn with top speed the basics of the Russian language?

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Preliminary information:
AHA7 LINGUMAX for the Russian language:

AHA7 LINGUMAX : How to learn the Russian language like a ''language genius'' - everybody with a normal intelligence is able to do it.

The basic condition is, to get rid of the older among the school language teaching methods for the Russian language. These methods want to teach perfection. But an adult foreigner will close to never reach perfection; like this English language text, written by a foreigner, is not perfect English.

The wrong goal of perfection destroys the ability to think in some other language and to acquire the feeling to be in some other culture. So the wrong goal of perfection finally slows down the learning speed to a fraction. Even worse, it reduces or eliminates the pleasure of discovering a different culture.

If you want to learn Russian or if you want to improve your Russian knowledge, here is the optimized answer.

This instruction demonstrates the problem and the solution. It supplies precise instructions:

''Which concept should be applied by the language courses of your choice for the Russian language?''

''How to organize and to control your learning process?''

Please be aware of the the purpose: You are buying here only the method rules how to learn fast. A language course for the Russian language is not (!) included.

Estimated time needed to learn the Russian language?

You can learn the basics of a foreign language with about 200 ... 300 hours. This is a general average value for this method between languages of the same language family.

In case of no closer relationship to some other of the languages which you already master, it can need up to 400 ... 500 hours.

You should count with 400...500 hours for example from English to Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese. - For Chinese and Japanese you would have to add at least (at least!) 300 hours for the script. Chinese is the worst of all. For the Chinese script you might easily need 500 ... 1000 hours. Many foreigners simply never learn the Chinese way of writing properly.

The script problem is far less difficult for Arabic, even less difficult for Russian.

Only the time needed for the basics of a language is important to evaluate. Once that you understand (hear or read) a foreign language more or less properly, you can begin to apply it.

Your further learning time is not any more 'lost' time, but time used for intellectual adventure holidays: Entering the world of a different culture with its different think concepts.

This learning method was first distributed approximately 1980.

An updated edition was written 2001 in order to integrate newest learning concepts, based on Internet and DVD / CD technology. Also the years of additional experience enabled text improvements.

Apparently this method description influenced in Germany the language learning market a bit (fitting language learning courses had been published afterwards, since 1981 or so).

Since 2002 the offer was progressively difficult to sell on the Internet, due to the decreasing willingness of Internet users to pay for content. Redistribution starts in 2010, based on small earnings from advertisement.

The essential learning recommendations will from now and soon also become available in the English language.

Do not trust in a blind manner in advertised speed learning promises.

Trust only in those advertisement promises which formulate in a modest and careful manner the speed aspects of language learning.

Better trust in this general guide 'Language Champion' how to learn the Russian language very fast up to the level of daily needs and simple conversation. This instruction 'Language Champion' is honest, clear, convincing.

The author of this method instruction has it applied for his own language learning experience...

... and this for languages for which this catalog offers this guide: English (from German), French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic.

In order to be complete, Latin and some programming languages have to be added. This proves a lot of normally unused capacity in our language brain. Yours will probably not be an exception from this rule.

You simply have to activate it before before the age of 70 or so. Otherwise the brain cells of this unused brain capacity might perhaps begin to die or to become otherwise inactive - forever.

When learning in a similar manner, you would have at least a basic knowledge for most major languages of the earth. After the arrival in a country of one of these languages, you could instantly or at least one week after your arrival settle all daily tasks in the specific language of the country. This would be valid for most countries in the world.

You will here only get an instruction concerning the learning method.
You have to buy in addition a tutor course for the Russian language.

This means that you will have to choose a software-based course for the Russian language, for example by buying it online or in a local bookshop.

The rules for your choice are described in our instruction. An important unexpected rule is that very expensive language courses are frequently not the best ones for fast language learning.

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