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Archetypes of Civilisation : Elimination of a culture

Culture Extermination Archetype
- forced cultural revolutions by destruction : Cultural revolution in China, Colonisation, Cambodga / Khmer Rouge, France / forcing French language in provinces, Book burning (e.g. Nazi), etc.etc.


Examples: China 1966++ - state 2008-05: "The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in the People's Republic of China was a struggle for power within the Communist Party of China that manifested into wide-scale social, political, and economic chaos, which grew to include large sections of Chinese society and eventually brought the entire country to the brink of civil war."

Examples: Colonisation (including slavery)

The destruction of former cultural life of the colonies was in most colonies a goal, for various reasons.

It is an archetype of human civilisation that major government-tolerated injustice requires to get a legal base. Examples:

How to give slavery a legal base? - Because slavery should protect people from some evil worse than slavery...
from : (Quotation, state 2008-03:)
-- "According to a decree by Queen Isabella of Castile and also later under British colonial rule, slavery was considered to be illegal unless the people involved were so depraved that their conditions as slaves would be better than as free men. This legal requirement may have led to conquerors exaggerating the extent of cannibalistic practices, or inventing them altogether, as demonstrations of cannibalistic tendencies were considered evidence of such depravity."

And how to justify in a legal manner to take the land? - Creating colonies was considered as legal, under the condition that there is nobody owning the land there, at least if there is no organized agriculture economy. - This goes back to the Roman legal system: You can acquire property by simple declaration of something which is nobody else's property; so it becomes yours.

Additional justification: If the original population dared armed conflicts, there was rarely a long-term chance to win. But it authorized the winner to invade and occupy the territory of the looser and to redefine the status and borders of territories. (This past legal systems is not any more valid. See the Iraq war and the discussion about Iraq, Kurdistan, Turkey. The most recent major application case of past legal concepts was in the years after WW II, related to Germany, which had to cede a major part of its territory to Poland.)

The application of the Roman legal system can be studied for one of the most important cases, the destruction of Carthage. There is everything involved which could be done to an enemy culture and population which had lost a war. Greek and Roman history show many other examples of the intentional destruction of culture, combined with genocide and slavery.

Examples: Cambodia 1975++ : 2008-05 : "The Khmer Rouge reached Phnom Penh and took power in 1975, changing the official name of the country to Democratic Kampuchea, led by Pol Pot. They immediately evacuated the cities and sent the entire population on forced marches to rural work projects. They attempted to rebuild the country's agriculture on the model of the 11th century. They also discarded Western medicine, with the result that while hundreds of thousands died from starvation and disease there were almost no drugs in the country."

The library of Alexandria - read there that it was destroyed, perhaps several times, but not in the way as most might think - and the details are not fully known. Apparently, the idea of destruction accompanies the idea of accumulation all valuable information.

Germany / Nazi: "Bücherverbrennung" (historical role of book burning in suppressing dissenting ideas)

In English language about the basic aspects involved:

In German language about the book burning (=Bücherverbrennung, May 10, 1933) under Nazi influence:

--- If this link in some future might change, you will probably find this text and other related to the same subject by searching Google for the following keyword sequence: " Volker Weidermann Armin Strohmeyr " (when adding " taz ", you will probably find more directly the newspaper analysis)

In German language: - "Als die Vertreibung begann - Jürgen Serke erinnert an die Bücherverbrennung und an den zweiten Verrat an den Schriftstellern nach dem Krieg durch ihre Kollegen in Ost und West"

--- In case of change of the Internet adress, it will probably be easy to find it by a Google-search: " bücherverbrennung verrat schriftsteller vertreibung welt grusa "

The destruction of the enemies culture - instead of killing enemies - is an archetype of human civilisation.

There are thousands of examples in the history of human civilisation.

Donations? ... Undo culture extermination?

Germany / Nazi: How to undo the "Bücherverbrennung" (book burning)

A project has been conceived by a Berlin association to publish on the Internet the most important "burned books" of these authors (on-line versions).

Complex copyright aspects have to be analysed on a case-by-case base, and the presentation on the Internet has to be done.

English language translations should be made available as far as this is considered useful. Otherwise, improved machine language translations should made available.

All this will be done if a donor can be found for it, or if public subsidies can be obtained.

Suggestions please to the mail address in the last column of this page.

Please only send a mail for how-to aspects of financing. There is no need of encouragement mails or of contacts related to the "how-to" of such a concept. There is only one unresolved question - how to finance it.

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