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Sphinx Classification: code samples - (not yet many...)

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» Sphinx Classific.: Some code samples     EN
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Abstract analysis: The theory behind SPHINX SECOND BRAIN

The logics of classification systems: Limits, restrictions, habits, solutions

SPHINX CODES are codes of an universal knowledge classification system, in productive use and evolution since 40 years.

The SPHINX System is used for various purposes. Among others, all knowledge information on some Internet sites is internally and sometimes visibly classified by this system: and several others.

The SPHINX system is basically of similar logics like the leading Dewey Decimal Classification System for librarians. But SPHINX begins where DEWEY can not bypass its limits in our changed world of computerized data. The DEWEY system is a child of its time, when just numbering and standardizing was already a first huge progress. SPHINX is a child of its time, when computers have become the unlimited extensions of human brain.

The SPHINX system is without the limitation to the very arbitrary number 10 (the Dewey "decimal" classification). SPHINX is based on the guiding "concepts" in brain knowledge presentation. These are (so at least for SPHINX...) approximately 20. This number might be an interesting subject for discussions related to the science of intelligence and human archetypes. Is 20 arbitrary? Or is 20 the logical result of optimization during the evolution to intelligence? SPHINX is based on the latter opinion that it is an absolute phenomena of intelligence.

The SPHINX system allows for relative freedom in code assignment by the applying organizations and businesses. While it is mainly in use for knowledge in financing, investment, business, politics, it can be extended easily by users to their main activity, professional activities as well as hobbies or scientific applications.

SPHINX and Recursion

SPHINX codes are totally submitted to recursion.
"Recursion"? Recursion in the sense that a same code letter - like "V" for Government, Politics - always is attributed to this same general idea. When in the combined letter string of a classification code this single letter occurs, it stands there for its general single same meaning.

Dewey systems can never get to this level. Total "recursion" (in this sense) is only possible due to the inclusion of more than 10 "knowledge concepts", and to total universal abstraction possible in the time of computing and the Internet. The DEWEY relationship to typical topics of book type knowledge is obsolete in our time.

Recursion for knowledge classification codes is a rather difficult matter to understand. But it is for the SPHINX system considered as the key functionality to obtain a knowledge classification like applied by human brains. Recursion is considered as the key to close to everything in knowledge presentation like document archives. It is also considered as the key function for knowledge analysis, including for example automated language translation and computerized content analysis of a text.

Some kind of recursion might be considered as a basic logical need for intelligence. It fits to this view that some specialized programming languages for "artificial intelligence" implement advanced recursion features. There may be other computing and logical constructs as a response to the complexity of intelligence. Here is not the place for a complete analysis of such aspects.

SPHINX and archiving systems: Hierarchical - for knowledge.

When looking at the practical tasks of document management: Computers typically have a multi-level file system. This is a hierarchy for knowledge management. This has historical reasons. You can consider it as the historical result of the initial attempt to consider computers as brain mirrors. You can consider the file tree of your computer as a huge possible "second brain".

Around 1950, these were the golden years of computing history when the thinking machine was thought to be working during the next 10 years or so. Cybernetics was defined in the mid 20th century, by Norbert Wiener as "the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine."

It belongs to the indirect heritage of these years that computers got later their hierarchical multi-level directory trees and kept them until now. This is why SPHINX SECOND BRAIN can be implemented out of the box on your PC or other computing device. It uses this already present structure as a knowledge data base. This avoids the need to implement a hierarchical structure by a new software. In other words, "the operating system is the already present data base software" for SPHINX.

SPHINX SECOND BRAIN make this intention of a brain mirror become a reality for the task of document management (which is not yet intelligence in the sense of "thinking"). SPHINX SECOND BRAIN uses for this the historical hierarchical logical structure of the file system.

A special feature is that a SPHINX code itself is already a hierarchical (and somehow "recursive") structure. - Example:
The category code SWE stands for:
- "S" = main level: organization (business, governmental, NGO, ...)
- "W" = second level: persons, individuals, human relationships,...
- "E" = third level: economic and financial aspects.

Into a directory named "swe" you might move all documents related to: Labor remuneration, salaries, minimum wages, manager earnings.

In theory, it might be useful to implement this with 3 directory levels - like: \s\w\e
In reality, it is mostly far more useful to make only directories with complete codes - like: \swe\

The "2-level relational" data base concepts

The most used data base systems do not have such a sophisticated internal structure. They conform to the "relational" data base concept. There is only a 2-level internal structure for the basic data storage location. But when it comes to indexing such a data base, the indexing system adds intelligence - and typically does it by constructing for the data a hierarchical parallel structure in the background.

For data of the enumeration type - like accounting, addresses - the primitive relational data base concept is efficient and is to prefer due to its simplicity. If intelligence is wanted, more complexity is required. A hierarchical system as such, like the file system of your PC, is not yet complex enough. Your brain does not work this way. The brain creates correlations. It does networking.

SPHINX SECOND BRAIN adds a significant increase of the intelligence level: Some functionalities of the networking type and correlation type. This approaches your document management on your PC much better to the way how your brain manages information archived in the brain.

Your content archive should be a mirror of content relationships.

Software packages for automatic grouping of content typically apply the low-level logics of relational data base systems. - Example: When you visited three times in your life Paris, your brain considers this as a strongly related data storage inside the brain. If an automatic image import software orders all your pictures in a primitive manner by date, this correlation is removed.

SPHINX SECOND BRAIN would result in having all these pictures in a correlated location. The details of this are optional for the user. So the user will automatically prefer to organize the personal content archiving habits conforming to the user's brain. Human brains are so far similar, but not identical. So there is an individual factor involved. This is useful for an individual PC.

In case of any kind of cooperation (human organizations, like businesses) the archiving rules have to be defined by those responsible for the document management. This will typically become an average of the prevailing opinions in the organization. Such an internal standardization has also a permanent educational effect for the staff members: Their thinking will better be aligned to an optimized professional view of the activity subjects.

SPHINX: History and current increased availability.

Various lists of SPHINX codes have been published occasionally since approximately 1990. But there was never an effort to establish it as something like a tool or service for others. Organizations and businesses typically tend to maintain their current habits of information classification. In this case it is difficult to convince to opt for more efficiency for internal or public knowledge access. Those who created and administer the system in use, will be asked if they agree that there is possibly a better concept, possibly replacing their job. Guess the answer...

Finally it was decided late 2013 to distribute first small snippets of the system, as far as useful for individual users and for small businesses. Since late 2013 the problems of cloud computing and the fact of 10 years of intensive external PC control and mail control have become public. Users want to return to total control of their data and their documents. A first step for this is to abandon any use of the predefined locations of the operating systems like "home", "My Documents" and so on.

In addition, it is time for the paperless office to become reality. For this, too, a far more professional approach for archive organization is required.

SPHINX SECOND BRAIN enables all these advantages. The time has come to try to convince users to begin a more professional document management on their personal PC.


The basic SPHINX Classification System is free for individual use.

This does not mean that anything related to SPHINX SECOND BRAIN and its classification system would be free of copyright. The decision is only: If something can not be controlled, it should not be submitted to control efforts.

By paying the rice of less then 10 USD or EURO, you have paid your license.

Possibly in the future other e-books will follow with prices between 20 and 100 USD or EURO. This would be for extended specialized code lists for small businesses, small organizations, consultant partnerships and so on. The paid amount would be the paid license fee, too.

All past buyers can opt to be included in update services. Minor updates might be available for free. Significantly extended future editions mithg be avalable for a reduced price.

How to get extended versions for organizations (including businesses) above 5 employees?

The extended versions are not needed by individual users and freelance workers. They are mentioned here to help to understand the scalability of the concept from small to universal.

Information on license fees for use in more important organizations (above 5 employees) is supplied on request :

          ok @

The annual fee is very low, with an amount depending from the size of an organization. It is a membership fee for a non-profit organization. The purpose is to finance ongoing ''official'' definition of additional classification categories. The membership fee is surely cheaper than defining additional codes by own employees

The fee-based version comprises a coherent recursive classification concept, enabling thousands and ten thousands of classification codes within one coherent code definition system.

Several hundred samples of standardized codes are supplied with the complete version, covering most needs in business, services, media archives, information repositories, and so on.

Software : Automatic content and context recognition, auto-learning of language features

This feature is not required for document archives. It is described here to help to understand how category coding is related to intelligence. The SPHINX system can become the base for automated knowledge systems.

A recursive classification system is suitable to interact with automated content analysis of text documents. Various advanced software applications of this type have been developed in relationship with the SPHINX classification system. This is in daily application. It can be organized for speed efficiency. Therefore it fits for implementation in highly portable and most-used languages like PERL, PHP, HTML5 and avascript. This can be used on a local PC or in Internet applications.

It requires heavy-weight development on a difficulty level of systems software. So it is only suitable for major organizations which are willing to finance this type of development.

This kind of software development has to be outsourced. It concerns the interface between human intelligence and machine intelligence and linguistics. This type of programming does not cover with the standard profile of programming skills. Typically, programmers who are employed by a business company for maintenance of a software system, are too specialized for dealing with such problems related to linguistics and intelligence computing.

Software tools: Merge archives virtually of physically; automatic file imports; and more.

There are advanced software tools in permanent application since many years. They are totally portable to all operating systems and computing devices because they are implemented in the programming language PERL. If and when SPHINX SECOND BRAIN will succeed to win many users, these tools will be made available later.

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List of codes / current state:

Purpose: Show you the basics of the concept.

Here below is a somehow arbitrary sample (short extract) of application of the SPHINX classification system. Something like this could for example be used by an cooperative archive for the journalists of a a newspaper. It might store - in its complete version - all kind of documents with key information.

All the short SPHINX codes are in the sample list here below accompanied by a minimal subject information. This demonstrates how codes with a length of more than 1 character are built as a combination of the general ideas correlated with single characters. Once that you have understood the simple building rules of codes, you can develop your own combined codes for the subjects of your activity.

There is no strict rule for the implementation on your PC.

Let us suppose that you create a top directory "arv" (shorthand for " archive") to receive all your content, files, documents, small-sized images. You would place them into subdirectories.
In the example list here below "e" would be the name of a subdirectory. The file "e-investment-banking-financial_markets-etc.txt" would have no content. Its purpose is just to know instantly the meaning of the subdirectory "e". So you would have in your main directory "arv" such subdirectories and such text files. If you display all the subdirectories in alphabetical order, you could read instantly the meaning of the subdirectories.

Sample list of the short codes (to use as directory names)
with a text file name (no content) to specify the meaning:

w-personal subjects

From the author: "And now I hope that SPHINX SECOND BRAIN will convince you to use it during the remaining years of your life. "

Perhaps soon another e-book will follow and will cover how to build your own local cloud system. This way there would be no risk to lose in the future any content or other data until the end of your life. (At that later point of time, loss is definite if science does not supply solutions in the meantime.)
When and if and where available? - Information will be included in the planned free update of SPHINX SECOND BRAIN.

Pedro Rosso (the author).

► Suggestions for rectifications to: ok @
► Consult / trariff? Please communicate the subject for a suggestion to: ok @ (Typical per hour rates: Like those for lawyers.)

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