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How to form a political party? [Only general aspects.]

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Why can it be useful to create a political party?

Citizens can fulfill this way their duty to contribute to public interest.

This is never a fault...

After having settled fincial problems, e.g. after a business bankruptcy, it can be of addtional interest to form a political party

An engaged activity for common interest might restore the personal reputation. Many of the usually remaining problems might disappear when forming a political party.

For example, if a bank refuses a personal bank account for the past business owner, the bank would hardly refuse an account for a new political party, if honestly engaged for generally recognized goals.
For example, would the bank refuse a credit card for this account in the name of the elected manager of the new political party organization? Try it...

To avoid: Joke organizations etc..

A new political party can only be of interest if it is a serious project.
In addition, the initiator should have sufficient political and general knowledge to make it in a credible manner.
''Special-Goal''-Parties are politically still correct. Joke and parody parties not.

Terrible example on the Internet, how you should NOT do it: Amigos" Party - banana republic promotion

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The general benefits from more political parties.

New political parties will oblige existing major parties to redefine the goals and to serve better the citizen needs, especially on a local level, in order to hinder any success of the new party.
So a new party with a careful formulated program and efficient press communication is successful for common interest even if it has no visible election success.
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some basic strategy information

Your political and legal consultant in this field would probably have to prepare aspects like the following ones:

Possible restrictions are first to check, conforming to the rules of your country.

A list of various advantages after forming a political party.

Also some obligations after forming a political party [not exchaustive].

The success probabilities of your party ''on the market'' [which means: ''for elections'', especially local elections].

How to define a credible well-balanced party program and contribute this way in a useful manner to pluralism.

The cost analysis, especially in case of lacking success.

How the party can be closed by their members if useful to close it one day, or how to withdraw your participation if the matter is going out of your control.

Possible formal restrictions due to your past or current activities and your financial status, and how to find for possible problems a good balance.

Final opinion. Recommendations / warnings.

The special advantage in Germany

German citizens can form a political party with a ready-to-run initial high-quality program, formulated within the:
LIBRA Liberal-Soziale Citizen-Union i.G. - see

Reminder: Conforming to the rules of inner democratic decision procedures, a political party can not be bound to an automatic adaptation to future changes of some external program. Keep it perhaps like a very small European nation, too small for own full legislative functions. It adopts most from the legislation of some other country 800 km away by expressive own individual parliament decisions.

So in the case of Germany a very small political party could adopt by individual demokratic internal decisions the more or less unmodified program evolution of a high-quality program maintained somewhere else.

In other countries citizens of that country might maintain a guiding program and enable this way the members of a political party to adopt every year or so the program changes if found suitable.

LIBRA has only for Germany a detailed program based on scientific analysis how to optimize politics.

Due to the abstract legal rules of prohibition of ,,interference'', there can be no recommendation to adopt similar rules for other countries. There is hence no intention to formulate a corresponding program for other countries. Political opinion promotion inside a country is reserved for citizens possessing the right to vote and to be elected inside a country.

Only serious well-balanced concepts can fulfill the purpose.

A political party should only be formed by persons who are anyway engaged for common interest and who are willing to sacrifice time and efforts for this.

Creating a political party just in the sense of a clever strategy to win reputation, will regularly result in the contrary of the intention. It will be impossible to hide such superficial intentions in the long run.

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