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"Surely not the mafia" - [Stock exchange manipulation / 'New Economy' 1999-2001]

Initial purpose : Clarification for own venture capital services

The long document 'Surely not the mafia' - around 20 screen pages - was created summer 2000 after corresponding discussions since summer 1999.

The purpose was: To keep the new cooperation site AAA TOP FINANCE (Venture Capital Exchange) free from any confusion with the still irresponsible situation dominating the technology invest markets of that time.
Here is AAA TOP FINANCE - and more:

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'Surely not the mafia' means: Correct civil society, governments, banks, brokers, all kind of state authorities, media [press, TV], all took part. They generated during this period in an irresponsible manner far more investor losses than the profits of all kind of mafia of the whole world. With other words, civil society had gone mad.

'Surely not the mafia'... - We have to ask ourselves: What is wrong in modern society, that all these mostly brave people together are capable to create by free joint action more financial damage than the worldwide total financial interest of organized crime.

Who took part? Top politicians, top bankers, top big business managers, many or most top decision makers of industrial nations took actively part.
What happened in their minds? A future huge crash, either sudden or taking some time, was evident for everybody having studied economics in the good way - hence understanding correlations and fundamantal aspects. Never in history so much money was wasted for expert consulting like in our time. Why did this protection layer against nonsense not work?

Most media journalists reproduce what they get...

... from their news agencies and from in-depth-studies supplied by companies. This way, public opinion was 1999-2001 dominated by those having the time and the money to fill the media agency channels with un-information. The purpose was to manipulate markets and opinions into the direction of unhealthy speculation by unexperienced hobby investors.

This transferred a lot of money, the losses of hobby investors, into the winning bank accounts of the masters of speculation and stock exchange ratings manipulation. This created for them the budget to re-run and re-run the circuit of
- 'un-information to the media';
- 'then media-hype';
- 'then investor madness'.

All This was strongly related to the new media Internet.

It is sometimes said that the Nazi state could only succeed, because people could for the first time in history hear brain manipulation by the original voices of politicians through the radio in real-time. The citizen brains had not yet constructed a protection barrier against a new media. Therefore these radio voices for political marketing succeeded to enter their brain layer of 'personal identification with the voice possessor'.

Perhaps the new media Internet fired in a similar manner marketing guns on brains without a protection barrier.
A click with the mouse is sufficient 'to win a fortune at the stock exchange'... Everywhere on the Internet were at that time (1999, 2000) exciting promises of exciting growth and profits. All was with a click on your screen... and with a further click for your online brooker you could become a micro-part of this exploding world of future tech economics...
... ,,how to become a millionaire with a mouse click''
The million-fascination like still on the site of Mr. Mio:

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REMARK - added November 2009:
The text of this page was mostly written / finalized in 2000...2002. The following supplies some predictions and warnings. Nobody should say that it was impossible to predict what happenéd later during the financial crisis 2007...2011.

These events will enter the history books of economics as the 'Internet crisis'.

The now beginning economic crisis is surely due to the arrival of the Internet.

The long-term result will either be a small crisis, or a long-lasting depression.

But there are new growth markets since September 12, 2001. It is sad to say, but times of war are in modern state regularly times of economic well-being, for various reasons.

So world economy is shifting now from the results of one madness to the results of the next madness...

This document 'Surely not the Mafia' is now 'history' in its major parts.
The short-term evolutions happened as it was announced.

Conforming to the text 'Surely not the Mafia' of early August 2000 (origin: 1999), major sectors of New Economy collapsed entirely. This happened (like announced) in fact with a lot of bankrupcies and a lot of court proceedings for reason of penal code violation, certainly occupying many actors of these markets for several years. Especially in Germany some actors waste again common money, now by the high cost of prison rooms.

Most much involved individual investors lost major parts of their money and wealth - excepted those who acted conforming to this text and sold their shares before this 'crash stretching over 12 months'. All was predictable for those knowing economics.
Huge amounts went this way from hard working people into the hands of well-paid start-up staff members and into those of venture capital organisators and marketing businesses.

More stock exchange regulation - as it was announced.

Regulations against the bad habits are now progressively installed. If there will not be much more adaptation to the new Internet brokerage situation, the stock exchanges will perhaps not any more correctly fulfill its main function of being a capital supplier for serious economy.

Legal base for damage compensation proceedings.

Investors frequently try to get lost money back. It is for the first time in history that bankers and brokers are opposed to a widespread series of court proceedings, especially in Germany. This text 'Surely not the Mafia' proves that the so-called 'consultants' of banks and brokers could have known, at least since Mai 2000, that most of the market would totally break down.

Would the author be glad if his text 'Surely not the Mafia' would be used as proof in this sense in court proceedings? - Yes and No.
All the money of investors at that time created huge commissions for the businesses of the 'consultants' [banks, brokers].
None of these same investors was at that time willing to pay anything for authors telling the truth, nor for true healthy investment offers related to new technologies, suggested on the corresponding Web site at that time.

Investors who are silly enough to run behind people burning their money, and who are uncapable to prefer serious offers, they do not merit too much comprehension. They have lost their money because they would never have given it to a serious modest qualified businessman for creating a useful business. These hobby investors required to be betrayed by means of brain manipulation marketing, and they have got what they needed - just this.

You can contact the author ['Don Pedro'] of the document 'Surely not the Mafia' with the help of: ok @

When you order the detailed document 'Surely not the Mafia', it will be mailed to you. It is a file .htm, approximately 10 or 20 screen pages, to read with your Web browser. It will not bring lost money back. But it will explain in a convincing manner why the money was lost - this is already a lot.

  'The final comment' :  
'If the stock exchange consultant of your bank is really as clever as promised by the marketing of your bank - why is he still obliged to work?'

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