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¿Cómo solicitar este tipo de publicidad?

Por favor, comunique cómo / qué desea anunciar, en un formulario muy corto a la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico:
    ok @

Demandez les codes de coupon.

Cadeau de départ :
75 EURO.

Una vez que se hayan agotado los primeros 25 EUR, el regalo de 75 EUR se acreditará en su cuenta.

Regalo para su continuación:
200 EURO.

Tan pronto como sus primeros 200 EUR hayan sido utilizados, los 200 EUR serán acreditados en su cuenta.

Límite: Para el mismo sitio como máximo 75 euros más una vez 200 euros.


Ofertas no deseadas:
Juego, X-rated, violencia, extremismo político de izquierda/derecha, alcohol, tabaco y otros temas controversiales.

¡Nada de animación! Incluso los .gif's que parpadean están prohibidos.

Contenido del anuncio

Máximo: 40 caracteres. Más eficiente por debajo de 25.

Máx.: 140 caracteres (2x70).

Nunca sin imagen.
Máx.: 50 KB. - Altura máx. 50% sobre el ancho.

Colocación / automática:

Usted hace el anuncio - software intelligence hace el resto.
Similitud de contenido: Sus anuncios sólo se colocan en páginas de contenido similar. El software detecta automáticamente el grado de similitud.

Colocación / manual:

Si lo prefieres: Optimización manual:
En este caso, el software aplica sus instrucciones. Estos son:

Usted elige para cada anuncio: Entre 1 .... 100 categorías.

If more than 1 category:
For each category: You decide the display priority (%).

For each category:
You decide the match type:

1 = Exact match: Only place my ad if the page content comes very close to the subject of my advertisement.
5 = Extended match: Also on pages with relatively similar content.
9 = Very wide match: Also on similar contents in the widest sense.
0 = All kind of display to suspend.

Automatic software algorithms will optimize the correponding ad placement.

Fee? - Your bid:

You decide your bid:
(per day or per click --- for each category.

Competiton among the advertisers:
Your bid decides on the placement and display frequency.

Or without paying the fee? - Perhaps.

A commission or lead agreement is possible, too.
It only makes sense for products or services which are not for local customers.

If this is the case, please send the link of your site to: ok @
Please add a short message which products / services you would like to offer by your ads.

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The Best or Nothing.

The Best or Nothing.



FAIRWORDS: If you have a business:
To see your ads published here: contact
Placement bidding. Average 2 cent per visitor ~=20c per click.
Information / FAIRWORDS:
FAIRCENTS: If you are an Internet publisher:
Earn that money! Contact . So far for sites in languages EN DE FR. Soon also ES RU PT IT.
Information / FAIRCENTS:

Read the story behind FAIRWORDS FAIRCENTS:

The appreciated Google ads (2007...2013) did not any more properly display here and Google could not help.

A problem for publishers: Certain "Whitelisters" for ADBLOCK.
It is said that some ill-minded ADBLOCK-"whitelisters" ask for protection money for whitelisting. A ransome request? - No matter if this is true. It is a fact: Most typical readers of high level content do not any more benefit from the source of publishers' remuneration - the Google advertisements.

Did Google pay a huge amount to "Whitelisters"?.
It is said that Google paid a huge amount - and became this way white-listed for all search pages; but not for publishers' sites.
It is said that Google might have paid USD 30 million. It is said that Google otherwise would loose up to US$ 800 million due to ADBLOCK.
It is said that a small number of other major content publishers also paid, while others refused any such payment.
The discussion (2013, 2014) about these subjects guided to the opinion that all this might in fact be true (without being sure if it is true).

Test: A request for FREE Whitelisting: was refused.
From some publisher who definitively refused to pay, a test request for FREE whitelisting was done in early 2014. This was for an ad placement similar to that by Google search pages. Such requested FREE whitelisting was refused by the whitelisting company.

This caused as a response the decision to develop
FAIRWORDS and FAIRCENTS. It is based on poprietary software (10 years of development) related to automatic content analysis and data mining (for similar tasks like Google does). So just an application structure had to be implemented... fast...
Only ~2 months later, on July 1, 2014, the system started in its first version on the Internet. (Much long term enhancement has to follow all such rapid initial implementation.)

We conceived an innovative advertisement scheme software which "adblockers" can never stop. This is due to technical as well as legal reasons. Starting in July 1, 2014, for already ~2000 web pages. The key to this is a new software architecture for Internet advertising..

FAIRWORDS, FAIRCENTS: For Publishers who (like us) would never pay for extortion of protection money.

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