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Fast language learning: Project for funding by foundations, subsidies, donors, grants, investors.

AHA7 LINGUMAX Light speed language learning - software for the creation of personalized optimized language tutor robots
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How to learn languages so fast that it becomes a pleasure to learn several languages?


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Approximately: 1977: A printed instruction in German language had been created and distributed how to learn foreign language in an optimized manner. This reduces the learning time for a basic language knowledge of the spoken language to a fraction of the usual learning time. A reduction to a total learning time of approximately 300 hours can be obtained. This is up to the level of possible productive use of the new language and the learning of the true and natural pronounciation. Beginning from this level, productive use of the foreign language should become the priority. - The hour specification is only an approximation. The necessary time depends from the native language and from the knowledge of other languages.

A special problem is: How much additional time is required to become familiar with the way how a language is printed? Add 200 hours for Russian script, 300 for Arabic script, 500++ for Japanese script, 1200++(?) for Chinese script. To become familiar with sound specifics, add 100 hours for Arabic, 200 hours for monosyllabic languages of the type like Chinese. This hour specification is only am approximation. The necessary time depends from the definition of the level of knowledge acquisition.

The development of the concept was based on the experience of various persons who had learned between 4 and 30 languages. The speed improvement effects are due to the better adaptation to the functioning of the language brain.

The instruction was originally in 1977 linked with language learning courses of a specific company. This company has in the meantime added the usual gadgets to its language courses on DVD. The optimised choice of a language course is now more difficult.

Approximately from 2000 until 2001: Sale on the Internet of e-books on CD-ROM with this instruction for learning English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese. This was stopped, due to the lack of funding for quality improvements.

The recommended learning method differs much from prevailing language teaching habits. This difference is important for those who learn. A widespread use of this method might oblige educational organizations to reconsider the prevailing language teaching methods.

The author of the concept criticizes the prevailing school methods for teaching languages as follows: These methods create a lifetime damage for the language-related brain segments. These methods typically result in a destruction of the natural high-speed learning capacity.

When language learning becomes easy and fast, it will be considered as a pleasure to learn languages while travelling. World citizens should in the future become like many Luxembourg citizens. Many among them are able to understand three or more languages. Other cultures can be understood and respected when knowing the basics of the corresponding language. The creation of a world civilisation identity requires that the next generations become multilingual.

Photo: Many cultures, one world: Marc Ryckaert (MJJR), 2009, Creat.Comm.Attr.3.0 Unport.Lic.. - : A public transport bus in El Gouna (Red Sea, Egypt), liked by European tourists, customised and decorated in genuine Pakistani style. The bus was built by Chishti Engineering (Karachi) and decorated by S. Gulzar (Karachi).)


This instruction should be re-edited now. It should be improved and become a free on-line e-book. A proprietary e-book software was already used in the years 2000-2001. The software should now be refined up to the level of current e-books. The e-books should continue (like already in 2000) to be fully compliant with the public HTML standard while working similar like .pdf files.

Personalized editions should be possible for the single user. The basic software for this was also already used in the years 2000-2001. The software for content personalization for the educational status of the learning person should be refined.

The complete instruction text should be translated into various languages. Cooperation agreements should be tried with main language course editors. The goal is to obtain language courses optimized for fast learning.

A two year period might be needed for the creation, the optimisation and the marketing. It is estimated that 60 000 USD are required for this period. Agreements about shares of 10 000 or more are possible. The low cost for continuation could be covered by advertisement. Advertisement should also later cover a usual remuneration for the investors. The distribution of this instruction should continue for an unlimited future, and free of any fee.

This project is at present in preliminary examination by a possible investor. The reservation period is two months. As usual, most preliminary examinations do not result in an agreement.

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(This is a module of a more comprehensive overall project. But it can also be financed independently and used.)

"Children, like animals, use all their senses to discover the world." (Eudora Welty)

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"Only when men are connected to large, universal goals are they really happy - and one result of their happiness is a rush of creative activity." (Joyce Carol Oates)


» _MENU_: Capital & fund raising
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» Buy the future: 100 ++ projects
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» FIN7 financing innovation
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Projects waiting for Money.

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Truth, science, statistics:

» Economic forecasting. (Proj.)
(MC:) EBB-KCE-FUTU-EN        EN        DE
» recalculation of statistics
(MC:) EBB-KCE-RECA-EN        EN        DE
» PSEUCALC anti-pseudo-science.
(MC:) EBB-KKY-PSEUC-EN        EN        DE

Knowledge, educatiion, deep thinking:

» Project: Sphinx Classification
(MC:) EBB-KKS-SPHIN-EN        EN        DE
» PILLDOUNG - gain deep knowledge
(MC:) EBB-KWK-BILDUN-EN        EN        DE
» Archetypes: Encyclopedia Project
(MC:) EBB-KBA-ENCY-EN        EN        DE
» simulation: brain-type idea processing.
(MC:) EBB-KKA-PHAN-EN        EN        DE
» PLURANTO: everbody can program.
(MC:) EBB-CEB-PLUR-EN        !EN!        DE


» Fast language learning (proj.)
(MC:) EBB-JJA-LIMAX-EN        EN        DE

Publishing, automatic authors, etc.:

» your e-book in HTML5: 1000 years
(MC:) EBB-PPA-EBKGEN-EN        EN        DE
» FRANCKEINSTEIN personalized publishing
(MC:) EBB-PPA-FRANCK-EN        EN        DE
» Publishing robot system.
(MC:) EBB-PPB-AUTPUB-EN        EN        DE
» CYPONET Internet market place innovation
(MC:) EBB-PWS-CYPNET-EN        EN        DE

Environment, climate, energy, etc.:

» Projects: Energy, Environment
(MC:) EBB-TEE-ENER-EN        EN        DE
» Project: Climate, Environment
(MC:) EBB-TER-CLIMA-EN        EN        DE
» Natural Traditional Constructing (project)
(MC:) EBB-TRE-NATUR-EN        EN        DE

Economic policy, institutions:

» alternate economic knowledge
(MC:) VAE-AMENU-EN        EN        !DE!    FR
» Projects: Science and Politics
(MC:) EBB-VEY-CAPITA-EN        EN        DE
» Is pensioner poverty inevitable? (project)
(MC:) EBB-VEY-POVE-EN        EN        DE
» Class action in Europe (proj.).
(MC:) EBB-UBE-CLASS-EN        EN        DE

Health and longer life:

» NATROST: Project / health.
(MC:) EBB-YAA-FINA-EN        EN        DE
» Projects: health insurance
(MC:) EBB-YBV-INSUR-EN        EN        DE

Your Projects: Financial Resources.

» Lease Your Start-up!
(MC:) EBB-ECT-STARR-EN        EN        DE    FR
» FIN7 financing innovation
(MC:) EBW-CROWDFUN-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» Buy the future: 100 ++ projects
(MC:) ECK-AMENU-EN        !EN!        DE    FR    ES

» Humor: Capital raising / projects.
(MC:) ECBJW-HUMOR-EN        EN        !DE!    FR
» Humor: Venture Capital tycoons.
(MC:) ECBJW-VCTYCOON-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» Humor: VC media manipulation
(MC:) ECBJW-MMANIP-EN        EN        !DE!    FR
» True Venture Capital sources
(MC:) ECBD-FINFACT-EN        EN        !DE!    FR
» Crowd financing, crowd funding
(MC:) ECBD-COLECT-EN        EN        !DE!    FR

Money for your Projects!

» _Menu_: Get money!
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» Promotion - how?
(MC:) ECAW-PROMOT-EN        EN        DE    FR
» Fees?
(MC:) ECAW-COSTS-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» Prospectus - how?
(MC:) ECAW-PROSPEC-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» What is prohibited?
(MC:) ECAW-PROHIB-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» Transfer of shares, loans / how?
(MC:) ECAW-TRANSF-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» financ.agreements/how?
(MC:) ECAW-REGLEM-EN        !EN!        DE    FR

Loan? Shares? Donations?

» find lenders - on
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» find active partners / on
(MC:) ECAW-REPARTS-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» find investors - on
(MC:) ECAW-REINVES-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» crowdfinancing - on
(MC:) ECAW-REMIXFIN-EN        !EN!        DE    FR
» crowdfunding - on
(MC:) ECAW-REMIXSUB-EN        !EN!        DE    FR

money investment: innovation makes rich

» for Investors: Information - for
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