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Key information for press releases.
The goal ist not to supply a book. The goal is to be short.
First version: November 2009. Only the essentials, short + clear. - More wanted? Use the search bar on the page top.

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  customer fidelity newsletter free "how to".

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How to remove your past obsolete press releases?

This differs. Some sites apply a software with a true user account. In this case the user can modifiy or remove own outdated content.
Others offer a manual removal service for a fee like 10 US$ or Euros.

Other sites state that you will never be able to remove old content. This means that you possibly will have to pay far more for a removal.
There is nothing in a data base which can not be removed. The question is only how much time / money it will require.

Consequently: Write into press releases only information which you will never regret. Avoid anything which might violate penal code. Avoid anything which might excite the lawyers of your competitors.

How to protect privacy in case of press releases?

This is a major problem in the current state of the Internet:
Until now, the "forget" functionalities of human civilisation und human brain have been forgotten for the computers of the Internet.

Consequently: Write into press releases only information which you will never regret. Avoid anything which might compromize your unknown future. Supply personal information only with the lowest volume of inevitable data.

Specification of email-addresses: A good general strategy is to specify addresses with inserted space characters, like:     itisme  @
Most crawlers for mail addresses for spamming purposes are of low quality. They will not be able to extract such a mail address. This will avoid probably 90 % or more of incoming spam, probably even above 99 %, related to your press releases.

Privacy protection: Use a false name?

This is a general legal question. Press releases are a prepared information for public distribution. So there can be some requirements of communicating the true identity or at least an abbreviation or some other work-around.

When using a false name, the legal consequences differ much among the legal systems and countries.

A prevailing more general rule is that it is not a penal code violation as long as it does not result in a disadvantage for somebody. For legal systems applying this rule, the use of a false name is only of legal impact when just this contributed to cause some damage or so. This is typical for political systems respecting the rules of freedocm. In nations suffering from ideology, from over-regulation and lack of individual rights, possibly any use of "modified identity" is illegal.

Example: Eastern Germany was governed 1933...1990 by criminal government, applying a total citizien control (hence fake names = penal code violation, or at least making suspicious, resulting in obervation), Still until now, the Internet users from these territories usually specify in Internet social networks their true identity data - while current legistlation is since 1992 like detailed above for freedom respecting nations. Citizens from Western Germany, only suffering 1933...1945 from criminal total control government, frequently modify personal data on the Internet in order to obtain increased privacy.

Please be aware, it is a general rule that it is illegal if a wrong identity is applied in some official context (public administration, courts, police).

Please be aware that you can not trust in these general rules. You have to check it for your country.

An alternate solution is to apply abbreviations for company names, street names and so on. Company employees can in most application forms restrict the name specification to the first name.

Why should I make press releases in several languages?

Why should you NOT do it? Do you want to be listed on as many sites as possible?

On press release sites for text in the English language, you have rarely a choice. Normally, the text of your press release should be in the English language .

For sites in German and French, the English language is acceptable, too.

Please be aware, if your activity is based in France, that there may be legal problems on French language sites for press releases in a foreign language. Some (rare) other countries have a similar legislation. But there are enough legal exceptions in order to avoid any problem of this kind. So it was just a reminder to be careful.

In order to keep it coherent, you should take care that your press release in a foreign language is related to a landing page on your site in the same language.

Reliable statistics of the number of press release sites are impossible. The helpful press release sites are estimated to approxmately 200 in the English language, 100 in the German language and 100 in the French language (perhaps more in German. less in French).

From these sites named here as somehow "helpful", some do not have much activity, have a poor software and do not result in much marketing effect. Here the estimated numbers for relatively efficient press release sites für the 3 languages above:
_EN_ =200 --- _DE_ =50 --- _FR_ =40
Really powerful press release sites? - Estimation:
_EN_(mainly US) =80 --- _DE_ =25 --- _FR_ =15

For the English language, there might be far more when just counting them. But due to the coverage of the whole world by English, the current "lingua franca", there might be many English language press release sites with some kind of exclusive regional preference.

How to use a user interface in a language which you never learnt to understand?
Begin with the many press release sites in your own language. Afterwards it will become easy to understand the application procedure in other languages for similar functionalities.

How many press releases are refused?

Typically between 10 and 40 % are refused by the press release sites.

The most frequent reason is that the press release does not conform to basic rules of quality, topic attractivity, the event and news principle, the rule of expressed reliability.

Press releases should follow a standard structure:
An attractive title;
then a short description within approximalely 200 characters - in order to make curious to read more - ;
then some kind of introduction which does the transition to the longer main text.

Some other frequently violated rule: The rule of journalism is to avoid in published professional text the expression of author excitement. A sub-rule of this is to avoid "!" and "?" if there is not a very specific reason for playing with these symbols.

Some other rule for published text is to avoid "I", "me", "we". Published text should be abstract and objective.

Some sites require that for photos the prevailing legal and contractual obligation of copyright and source specification is not omitted. This can be done in the text below the photo.
But on some sites, this does not show up in the press release - even when entered in a corresponding input field. (A software quality problem...)
So it is good habit to add the image specification always in addition at the end of a press release, including the copyright specification.

Most press release sites will not require this. But your press release will express more professional reliability if this prevailing legal obligation is observed. This probably also reduces the refusal rate a bit.

Be aware that all use of the intellectual property from others requires to specify the author, the copyright holder or whatever. This is required by law and/or by the author - and by honoring authors and the wealth created by them for all of us.

The refusal rate of press releases typically drops close to zero if all the usual rules are observed AND if content, subject and image are convincing.

A refusal rate of approximately 5 % is a realistic goal and a good result.

Why is it so difficult to get a zero refusal rate? - Because there will always be some reason why a standard text does not fit to a minority of specific press release sites.

In addition, there are always some sites with internal problems, like exhausted server capacity.

There are also some (very rare) press realease sites which promise and pretend to be open for everybody, while in reality only serving some specific users, for example the customers of a business consultant. In this case the choice of a press release site has the purpose to give the impression of being of general importance. This concept might also be used for controversial subjects like ra_cial dis_crimination, X__ra_ted etc.. (The words have been modified here, to prevent a downgrading risk of this page by search engine crawlers.)

How to create your own press release site?

Go to:
Search there for:     press reĺease
       Opt for this search for the language:    "PHP"

Even more information hunger? - Go to:
The search there is a bit more difficult. This site is very helpful for experts, a site initially made for programmers and for advanced programmers. Others may use it as an efficient download location.

The alternate solution: Any flexible powerful CMS (Content Management System) can be configured for the functionalities of a press release site. This is even the case for blog software. - The configuration tasks may require good software experience in order to obtain a convincing result.

Press release sites based on blog software or on low level CMS software are frequently suffering from a poor layout. In addition, they are suffering from the risk that low-cost shared hosting does not fit for typical non-perfect PHP &: MySQL freeware.

Such software is typically very bureaucratic, not speed-optimized, not security-optimized, not caching-optimized. This tends to bring the server down in case of shared hosting, due to excessive CPU usage.

This excessive resource usage is normally not due to users but to search engine crawlers. CMS systems typically offer several look-up options, and some Asian crawlers run through all of them every day, may be thousands of page views, even if there is no content.
On the other hand, press release sites require by their nature to be declared for daily crawler check.

Therefore an improvisation with a standard CMS system, configured as press release site, this tends to break down from crawler traffic while still being far away from generating enough user traffic for satisfactory Google Adsense earnings. (An experienced programmer might be able to settle this problem type by disabling some non-vital software features.)


How to find sites for free press releases:   search sites / free text sample ('PTP )

  free "press release" free text sample.  
  "free press release" free text sample.  
  free "press information" free text sample.  
  "online press release" free text sample.  
  "press release online" free text sample.

  "press release" site free text sample.  
  "press release" Internet site free text sample.

  free "press release" agreement template free.  
  "free press release" agreement template free.  
  free "press information" agreement template free.  
  "online press release" agreement template free.  
  "press release online" agreement template free.

  "press release" site agreement template free.  
  "press release" Internet site agreement template free.

  free "press release" form free.  
  "free press release" form free.  
  free "press information" form free.  
  "online press release" form free.  
  "press release online" form free.

  "press release" site form free.  
  "press release" Internet site form free.

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Marketing - basic information for start-ups / ('PTBS )

name choice ('PT )

  company name legislation.  
  name business description.  
  name choice rights.  
  check name choice rights.  
  avoid a name competitor similarity.  
  name specification legal obligatin.  
  name claim holders.  
  name specifying business purpose.

Marketing ('PT )

  marketing service for e-commerce.  
  SEO Search Engine Optimization.  
  advertisement Google Adwords.  
  free online press release.

  corporate color, font uniformly.  
  creation logo design.  
  logo generator free.  
  logo creator free.  
  logo maker free.  
  logo generator free software GIMP Linux.  
  logo in 20 minutes in GIMP free.

  business creation search customers.  
  how to customer fidelity.  
  customer fidelity newsletter.

How to find sites for free press releases:   search sites / sample letter ('PTP )

  free "press release" sample letter.  
  "free press release" sample letter.  
  free "press information" sample letter.  
  "online press release" sample letter.  
  "press release online" sample letter.

  "press release" site sample letter.  
  "press release" Internet site sample letter.

  free "press release" free template.  
  "free press release" free template.  
  free "press information" free template.  
  "online press release" free template.  
  "press release online" free template.

  "press release" site free template.  
  "press release" Internet site free template.

  free "press release" text model free.  
  "free press release" text model free.  
  free "press information" text model free.  
  "online press release" text model free.  
  "press release online" text model free.

  "press release" site text model free.  
  "press release" Internet site text model free.

Enter in the search field on the page top one of these word combinations (or simply copy&paste a whole line into the search field). - Quotation marks, if any, have to be entered exactly in the same position.

Why should you use automatic submission tools for mass-submission to press release sites?

Because it is efficient. There are service provides offering very attractive pricing for very efficient services.
There are valid reasons why to use these services from time to time

Why should you not use automatic submission tools for mass-submission to press release sites?

Such tools are prohibited and made impossible by many of the most interesting press release sites. It is frequent that proof is required that the submission is done by a human. Submission services which rely entirely on software robots, will be unable to place a press release on these sites.

Your press releases are presented simultaneously and have therefore only a very small impact on others looking at press release sites

Mass submission possibly penalizes your ranking in search engines, especially in the case of Google. Google tries to keep the index free of valorizing duplicate content if multiplied by software tools. If something is not yet penalized today, it might be penalized one month later. A presse release if manually adapted to a specific press release site, is of course more content value than an identical text.

All type of mass submission - like in the past to search engines - had and have a major setback: They require to standardize the submission content to the lowest common factor. The press release sites have varying requirements - like title, headline, teaser, keyword quantity, foreign language encoding (utf8 yes/no?), etc..

There are impossibilities, too. For exemple, how to manage the problem if one press release site specifies a maximum lenght of 250, some other site a minimum length of 250.

Submission software might apply work-arounds for all such problems. But there is a difference between a work-around and optimization.

Manual input has the advantage to be able to optimize details for the specific press release site.

Press releases of average quality - hence not fully complying with the basic professional habits in this field - will be refused by 20 % ... 40 % of the press release sites. Most such sites apply manual checking. This is the case at least in Europe. It is due to prevailing legal regulation in European countries of the reponsibility level of content sites for the content added by users.

In case of manual individual press releases on these sites, problems of your press release will become evident. Frequently refusals state a specific reason. This helps to discover the weak points of your marketing strategy of text quality.

Conclusion: Automatic or semi-automatic submission tools and submission services are a good option if optimization does not matter - for example for those news which merit to be called "breaking news".
When optimization matters, then manual submission supplies probably more efficiency per time investment.

Why should you vary your text of press releases?

Identical text with a backlink to your site possibly penalizes your ranking in search engines, especially in the case of Google. In fact, an individual text per press release is hight content value than an identical standard text.

Search engines typically include a proximity indexing for the surrounding text. If this text is always identical, you do not benefit from otherwise possible addittional search engine traffic. This is justified - because in fact, there is no information value justifying more.

The proximity evaluation might comprise 10 or even 20 "non-fog-words". "fog words" like "and", "get", "please" are typically first eliminated before text indexation takes over.

By the way, these logics were not invented by Google. All this is common to computing since many years and was already implemented during several years by some search engines before Google was born.

In case of many identical press releases, you might even be penalized for spamming the index. Google does not expressively publish how its algorithms penalize supposed spamming of the index. But it is probable that there is enough built-in intelligence to downgrade sites with this type of mass production of backlinks.

Why should you not only submit to MAJOR press release sites?

How to detect "major" sites for press releases? - They typically have a relatively high google ranking. If you produce the lists of such sites like recommend here, these sites will typically be close to the top of the lists - among the first 20 or 30 or 50.
You can confirm this by looking these sites up on:
The advantage of major submission sites is that it might even occur that true journalists might look at them from time to time.

The disadvantage of major submission sites might be that they tend to disactivate access to old content. If you are looking up your backlinks 13++ months later, you will state that some have disappeared in month 12. Other critical periods might be 3 months, 1 month, 24 months.

In case of press release sites with a lower usage volume, the registrations are considered to be the capital of the site, and are only wiped out when the site might die one day for some reason or other. - Sites which do not include image uploads, might be able to store up to 1 million press releases or more within the cheapest forms of hosting plans (shared hosting).

Consequently, you should submit your press releases to sites of all differing ranking levels. The top release sites are typically better for short or medium term visibility. The press release sites with less traffic are good for a long term presence on the Internet.

What value have the backlinks for search engine listings? Are press releases helpful to improve website ranking?

To be among the first 10 of search engine listings, this depends among others from the number of backlinks to your site. In the case of Google, this is a major aspect.

For Google, it is not the backlink quantity what counts but the character of the backlink. Backlinks which the Google algorithms considers as spamming the index, might even reduce the ranking of your own site.

The way how Google ranks and rates, can be analyzed if you understand the software level of search engines and when you add to this the fact information like to observe from ADSENSE and ADWORDS and from your site statistics.

Based on this, the truth is probably somehow like this:   Press release submission increases significantly the search engine success of your site under the following conditions:

(a) Follow the rules like explained on this page.

(b) Take care to obtain a good mixture of backlinks, for example also from forums and from sites with which you maintain cooperation,

(c) Avoid an excessive presence of your backlinks on alll kind of link farms under user control, like primitive forms of link exchange, bookmark sites and so on.

(d) Maintain good value content on your site, rich vocabulary, links embedded in text, and avoid link lists on your site. Single pages with a low text volume and more than 100 links are said to be not helpful if you want to be amoung the first 10 in Google listings with just this page.

The general rule is: Opitimization is helpful on top of good content and good site quality for users. Optimizsation for search engines can do harm to the site visibility by earch engines if mainly based on artificial efforts ("spamming the index").

Which impact for/on/by Google news? - How many journalists will read my press release? - How many possible customers?

The most pessimist point of view is mostly the right point of view, when hoping for results by marketing efforts on the Internet.

Therefore the attention effects of press releases have not been presented as a priority and in detail in this text

Press releases have typically an attention result close to 0. Press releases are helpful if you have a complex combined interest: If you want to obtain several advantages by the same action.

The statistics of the Internet show easily the future increasing impact of this problem: The information quantity is so high that a single action will mostly obtain a result close to zero for a single purpose.

The information quantity on the Internet increases permanently and repidly. Depending from the way of counting, there might be a duplication every 3 or 6 months. Advertisement income and other material benefits from the Internet increase with an annual rate of perhaps 30 %.

So the financial result per labor hour for content reduces from 1 year to the next to might be 20 % of the preceding year if only relying on free search engine search results. This is the same for the effects of press release distribution. It is submitted to the same basic rules of economy: If the offer quantity approaches "infinit", profits will approach zero.

Best strategy for Google news?

Opinions differ if several submissions of press releases result in a better placement in Google news.

Question 1: Does it matter? Those who observe and really read the news, are they typically persons who react? Or are they mostly satisfied by reading headlines?
Question 2: Is it true that multiple identical submissions during the same hour are helpful for the ranking?

Both questions are subject of forum discusssions.... Always carry in mind: After years of such discussions and years of experimenting with optimization for Google news, you could perhaps obtain some improved results... But Google could change their algorithm tomorrow - and none of this would matter any more.

The best strategy for the Internet is never the "single goal" strategy. The best strategy is to work with win-win concepts: Concepts with various differing profit possibilities involved. Optimization of one single marketing feature is under such conditions only one of many important steps for success.

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Now that you have been warned, you might contact: ok @

After these warnings, there will probably never somebody contact this address. This is o.k.. There are enough specialized engaged service providers in the field of marketing and PR in this world. It is not intended to compete with them.

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(Photo: A howling wolf in: Wildpark Eekholt,Germany; by Volker.G.; Lic.GNU Free Doc 1.2++)

    (Photo:. _DE_"Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" (colloquial)
_EN_ (literal:) "An egg laying wool milk swine" (a truly versatile 'magic' tool; IT colloquial equivalent: "Jack of all trades (device)")
_FR_ "mouton à 5 pattes qui pond des œufs et qui donne du lait" (colloquial - literal translation: "a sheep with 5 legs which lays eggs and supplies milk") - 'Photo' by Georg Mittenecker and others; Lic.Creat.Comm.Attr.Sh.Alike v2.5 & v2.0)

» _Menu_: Templates & how tos
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200 sites waiting for your press releases - free. It is intended to maintain here always the most efficient press release tool on the Internet: Access to site lists and instructions how to optimize.

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Photo:  (B) US government /Dept.of Energy - nuclear arms test (Nevada Test Site, 1951, Operation Buster-Jangle, Charlie)

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       (Photo: 2005, NASA. - Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson, International Space Station’s Canadarm2. Background: Earth’s horizon.)

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