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_ES_ Economy, business, politics, science of economics etc. / FIN-MONSTER _Spanish_ ('EABB)

agency theory, aggregate supply, aggregate supply curve, Alan Greenspan, allocation efficiency, American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA), antitrust laws, applied economics, arm's length market, autonomous consumption, autonomous expenditure, baby boomer, back door, bailout, balance of payments, balance of risks, balanced budget, Bank Rate, barometer, barriers to entry, base interest rate, basis point, basket, bear market, Beige Book, Ben Bernanke, Black Thursday, Board of Governors, boom, ... etc. etc.

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_ES_ Economy, business, politics, science of economics etc. / FIN-MONSTER _English_ / ('EABB)

  agency theory .  
  aggregate supply .  
  aggregate supply curve .  
  Alan Greenspan .  
  allocation efficiency .  
  American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) .  
  antitrust laws .  
  applied economics .  
  arm's length market .  
  autonomous consumption .  
  autonomous expenditure .  
  baby boomer .  
  back door .  
  bailout .  
  balance of payments .  
  balance of risks .  
  balanced budget .  
  Bank Rate .  
  barometer .  
  barriers to entry .  
  base interest rate .  
  basis point .  
  basket .  
  bear market .  
  Beige Book .  
  Ben Bernanke .  
  Black Thursday .  
  Board of Governors .  
  boom .  
  boom and bust cycle .  
  borrowed reserves .  
  budget deficit .  
  budget surplus .  
  business cycle .  
  Buttonwood agreement .  
  buyer's monopoly .  
  capacity .  
  capacity utilization rate .  
  capital account .  
  capital formation .  
  capitalism .  
  cartel .  
  Central Bank .  
  Chicago PMI .  
  CIC .  
  circular flow of income .  
  classification of assets .  
  coincident indicator .  
  COLA .  
  collapse .  
  command economy .  
  Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 .  
  Community Development Corporation .  
  Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 .  
  comparative advantage .  
  competition .  
  confidence indicator .  
  consignment .  
  constant dollar GDP .  
  constant dollars .  
  construction spending .  
  consumer confidence index .  
  consumer discretionary .  
  consumer durables .  
  Consumer Price Index .  
  consumer staples .  
  contraction .  
  controlled wildcat drilling .  
  core PPI .  
  cost-of-living index .  
  cost-push inflation .  
  countercyclical .  
  countercyclical stock .  
  credit squeeze .  
  crowding in .  
  crude .  
  current account balance .  
  current dollars .  
  customer .  
  cycle .  
  cyclical .  
  cyclical unemployment .  
  debt bomb .  
  debtor nation .  
  defensive open market operations .  
  deflation .  
  deflator .  
  demand .  
  demand curve .  
  demand elasticity .  
  demand inflation .  
  demographics .  
  demonetization .  
  denationalization .  
  dependency ratio .  
  deposit multiplier .  
  depression .  
  deregulation .  
  Desk (the) .  
  diminishing marginal returns .  
  diminishing return .  
  discretionary income .  
  disinflation .  
  division of labor .  
  dollar drain .  
  dollar shortage .  
  dovish .  
  dowry .  
  draining reserves .  
  durable goods orders .  
  dutch disease .  
  easy monetary policy .  
  ECI .  
  econometrics .  
  economic .  
  economic anxiety .  
  economic cycle .  
  economic growth .  
  economic growth rate .  
  economic indicator .  
  economic moat .  
  economic Pearl Harbor .  
  economic policy .  
  Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 .  
  economic risk .  
  economic surplus .  
  economical .  
  economics .  
  economist .  
  Edge Act .  
  efficiency .  
  elasticity .  
  Emergency Economic Stabilization Act .  
  Employment Cost Index .  
  energizing stimulus .  
  entry barrier .  
  equilibrium .  
  equilibrium quantity .  
  equity injection .  
  EVA .  
  existing home sales .  
  expensive .  
  extended broad money .  
  externality .  
  factor analysis .  
  factors of production .  
  fair price .  
  Fair Trade Act .  
  fast market .  
  favorable balance of trade .  
  Fed .  
  Fed pass .  
  Federal Debt .  
  Federal Deficit .  
  Federal funds rate .  
  Federal Reserve Bank .  
  Federal Reserve Discount Rate .  
  Federal Reserve requirement .  
  Federal Reserve System .  
  Federal Surplus .  
  Federal Trade Commission .  
  financial .  
  fiscal .  
  fiscal policy .  
  Fisher effect .  
  Fisher separation theorem .  
  FOMC .  
  foreign exchange reserve .  
  fractional reserve banking .  
  free enterprise .  
  free market .  
  FTC .  
  G-7 .  
  GAO .  
  gas .  
  gasoline .  
  GDP .  
  GDP deflator .  
  GDP implicit price deflator .  
  GDP per capita .  
  General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade .  
  GNP .  
  GNP deflator .  
  GNP gap .  
  going Galt .  
  goldilocks economy .  
  Government Accountability Office .  
  government expenditure .  
  government stimulus .  
  green shoots .  
  Gross Domestic Product .  
  Gross National Product .  
  group rotation .  
  hard landing .  
  hawkish .  
  headline inflation .  
  health economics .  
  housing starts .  
  hyperinflation .  
  IMF .  
  implementation lag .  
  incremental analysis .  
  index .  
  indicator .  
  indifference curve .  
  indirect labor costs .  
  Industrial Production Index .  
  inefficient market .  
  inelasticity .  
  infant industry argument .  
  inflation .  
  inflationary .  
  inflexible expense .  
  information asymmetry .  
  information symmetry .  
  initial claims .  
  International Monetary Fund .  
  international monetary market .  
  investment climate .  
  invisible hand .  
  ISM manufacturing index .  
  Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002 (JCWAA) .  
  jobless claims .  
  John Maynard Keynes .  
  key industry .  
  Keynesian Economics .  
  labor force .  
  lagging indicator .  
  laissez-faire .  
  law of demand .  
  law of supply .  
  light crude oil .  
  liquefied petroleum gas .  
  liquidity preference theory .  
  Little Dragons .  
  loose credit .  
  Louvre Accord .  
  luxury .  
  M0 .  
  M1 .  
  M2 .  
  managed economy .  
  marginal .  
  marginal analysis .  
  marginal propensity to consume .  
  market economy .  
  market risk .  
  market share .  
  market size .  
  mass market .  
  mature economy .  
  mean reversion .  
  medium of exchange .  
  microeconomics .  
  Milton Friedman .  
  minimum wage .  
  misery index .  
  monetarist .  
  monetary indicator .  
  monetary policy .  
  Monetary Policy Committee .  
  monetizing debt .  
  Money Market Investor Funding Facility .  
  money supply .  
  monopolistic competition .  
  monopoly .  
  multiplier .  
  multiplier effect .  
  Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board .  
  NAPM index .  
  National Association of Purchasing Managers index .  
  national income .  
  nationalization .  
  natural capital .  
  natural capitalism .  
  natural resources .  
  new home sales .  
  niche .  
  nickel .  
  non-durable good .  
  non-farm payroll .  
  nondiversifiable risk .  
  NY Empire Manufacturing Index .  
  OECD .  
  Office of Financial Stability .  
  official settlements account .  
  oil refinery .  
  oligopsony .  
  on consignment .  
  open economy .  
  open market operation .  
  optimize .  
  overage .  
  overheating .  
  overvalued .  
  panic .  
  peace dividend .  
  pending home sales .  
  per capita .  
  per capita income .  
  period certain .  
  petroleum .  
  Phillips curve .  
  planned economy .  
  Plaza accord .  
  population .  
  PPI .  
  price discovery .  
  price efficiency .  
  price maker .  
  price stability .  
  private debt .  
  private sector .  
  Producer Price Index .  
  production possibility frontier .  
  productivity .  
  profitable .  
  protectionism .  
  public goods .  
  public sector .  
  public works project .  
  pure competition .  
  quantity demanded .  
  R&D .  
  Reaganomics .  
  real economic growth rate .  
  real GDP .  
  recession .  
  recognition lag .  
  recovery .  
  reflation .  
  resale .  
  resale value .  
  research and development .  
  restrictive credit policy .  
  retail sales index .  
  RPI .  
  run up .  
  rust belt .  
  S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index .  
  sale price .  
  same-store sales .  
  Sarbanes-Oxley Act .  
  savings rate .  
  scale .  
  scarcity .  
  seasonality .  
  Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association .  
  segment .  
  seller's market .  
  sensitivity .  
  silver .  
  silver standard .  
  silver Thursday .  
  slowdown .  
  slump .  
  soaring markets .  
  socialism .  
  soft landing .  
  soft market .  
  soft moat .  
  spend .  
  squeeze .  
  SRO .  
  stable market .  
  stagnation .  
  status quo .  
  statutory liquidity ratio .  
  staying power .  
  sterilization .  
  stimulus package .  
  stock market crash of 1987 .  
  stock valuation .  
  stress test .  
  structural inflation .  
  subsidy .  
  Supplementary Financing Program .  
  supply curve .  
  supply elasticity .  
  supply schedule .  
  supply-side economics .  
  swap rate .  
  sweet crude oil .  
  systemic risk .  
  tar sands .  
  tax rebate .  
  Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility .  
  Term Auction Facility .  
  Term Securities Lending Facility .  
  Thomson Financial .  
  tight monetary policy .  
  Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange .  
  trade balance .  
  trade barrier .  
  trade deficit .  
  traditional economy .  
  treasury budget .  
  trickle-down theory .  
  Troubled Assets Relief Program .  
  uncertainty .  
  underemployment .  
  undiversifiable risk .  
  unemployed .  
  unemployment rate .  
  value .  
  variable interest rate .  
  vertical integration .  
  wage price spiral .  
  war babies .  
  West Texas intermediate .  
  wholesale price . Board of Governors

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