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_RU_ Technical Analysis : Strategy optimization / financial markets / AHA7 FIN MONSTER _Russian_ ('EFTB)

ascending bottoms, ascending tops, asset-swap spread, autoregressive, Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity, Average Directional Index, average true range, Barra's Performance Analysis, base, beta, blow-off top, bollinger bands, bottom, breadth-of-market theory, breakout, Brownian motion, buy break, candlestick charts, Chaikin Oscillator, chart, charting, chartist, coefficient of determination, congestion, continuation pattern, correlation, correlation coefficient, cost of sales, cup ... etc. etc.

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_RU_ Technical Analysis : Strategy optimization / financial markets / AHA7 FIN MONSTER _English_ / ('EFTB)

  ascending bottoms .  
  ascending tops .  
  asset-swap spread .  
  autoregressive .  
  Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity .  
  Average Directional Index .  
  average true range .  
  Barra's Performance Analysis .  
  base .  
  beta .  
  blow-off top .  
  bollinger bands .  
  bottom .  
  breadth-of-market theory .  
  breakout .  
  Brownian motion .  
  buy break .  
  candlestick charts .  
  Chaikin Oscillator .  
  chart .  
  charting .  
  chartist .  
  coefficient of determination .  
  congestion .  
  continuation pattern .  
  correlation .  
  correlation coefficient .  
  cost of sales .  
  cup and handle .  
  derivative pricing models .  
  descending bottoms .  
  descending tops .  
  descending triple bottom .  
  direct relationship .  
  Directional Movement Index .  
  dispersion .  
  distribution area .  
  distribution line .  
  double bottom .  
  double top .  
  down volume .  
  dragonfly .  
  dynamic hedging strategy .  
  Elliott Wave Theory .  
  envelope .  
  epsilon .  
  event study .  
  expanding triangle .  
  false breakout .  
  Fibonacci arcs .  
  Fibonacci Time Zones .  
  flag .  
  forecast .  
  forward curve .  
  Fourier analysis .  
  geometric mean .  
  gilt curve .  
  gravestone .  
  hammer .  
  head and shoulders .  
  high-low index .  
  hockey stick .  
  inflection point .  
  intermediate-term .  
  interpolation .  
  inverse relationship .  
  inverted saucer .  
  island reversal .  
  Keltner channel .  
  key reversal day .  
  linear regression .  
  logarithmic chart .  
  lognormal distribution .  
  market analysis .  
  mean .  
  mean return .  
  median .  
  medium-term .  
  model .  
  momentum indicator .  
  money flow index .  
  Monte Carlo .  
  moving average .  
  multiple .  
  multiplier .  
  negative directional indicator .  
  NOI .  
  noise .  
  on-balance volume .  
  operating surplus .  
  oscillator .  
  overbought .  
  oversold .  
  pattern .  
  pennant .  
  pivot .  
  plateau .  
  point-and-figure chart .  
  price oscillators (PPO) .  
  probability distribution .  
  projection .  
  quantitative trading .  
  r-squared .  
  ratio analysis .  
  regression .  
  regression analysis .  
  regression equation .  
  Relative Strength Index .  
  resistance .  
  Return on Capital Employed .  
  rising bottoms .  
  risk .  
  ROC .  
  ROS .  
  ROTA .  
  RSI .  
  saucer .  
  screen .  
  shooting star .  
  signal .  
  simple moving average .  
  simulation .  
  Sortino ratio .  
  statistical arbitrage .  
  stochastic .  
  Stochastic oscillator .  
  support .  
  swing index .  
  technical analysis .  
  technical analyst .  
  technical indicator .  
  technical rally .  
  technical sign .  
  technician .  
  tick indicator .  
  top .  
  top out .  
  trade price response .  
  trailing .  
  trendline .  
  Treynor Index .  
  triangle .  
  TRIN .  
  triple top .  
  TTM .  
  turnover ratio .  
  up volume .  
  V formation .  
  VAR .  
  variance . cost of sales

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