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_RU_ Funds / Mutual funds, index funds, hedge funds. real estate funds etc. / AHA7 FIN MONSTER _Russian_ ('EFFB)

analyst, annual turnover, asked price, asset allocation fund, asset turnover, assets under management, automatic investment plan, automatic reinvestment plan, average price per share, average weighted maturity, back-end load, balanced fund, banker's acceptance, bear funds, benchmark risk, best ask, best bid, beta, blend fund, bogey, bond fund, bond mutual fund, breaking the buck, breakpoint sale, buy, buy-side analyst, C shares, capital appreciation fund, chart, circular, class, clone, closed ... etc. etc.

Enter in the search field on the page top one of these word combinations (or simply copy&paste a whole line into the search field). - Quotation marks, if any, have to be entered exactly in the same position.
_RU_ Funds / Mutual funds, index funds, hedge funds. real estate funds etc. / AHA7 FIN MONSTER _English_ / ('EFFB)

  analyst .  
  annual turnover .  
  asked price .  
  asset allocation fund .  
  asset turnover .  
  assets under management .  
  automatic investment plan .  
  automatic reinvestment plan .  
  average price per share .  
  average weighted maturity .  
  back-end load .  
  balanced fund .  
  banker's acceptance .  
  bear funds .  
  benchmark risk .  
  best ask .  
  best bid .  
  beta .  
  blend fund .  
  bogey .  
  bond fund .  
  bond mutual fund .  
  breaking the buck .  
  breakpoint sale .  
  buy .  
  buy-side analyst .  
  C shares .  
  capital appreciation fund .  
  chart .  
  circular .  
  class .  
  clone .  
  closed fund .  
  closed-end investment company .  
  closet indexing .  
  CMO REIT .  
  collective trust .  
  commingled fund .  
  composition .  
  contingent deferred sales charge .  
  contractual plan .  
  core holding .  
  Corporate Income Fund (CIF) .  
  country basket .  
  CUSIP .  
  CUSIP number .  
  custodial account .  
  custodian .  
  decile rank .  
  denomination .  
  digested security .  
  discount .  
  discounted .  
  distribution plan .  
  distributor .  
  diversified investment company .  
  dollar cost averaging .  
  downgrade .  
  dual listing .  
  dual-purpose fund .  
  elephant .  
  enhanced index fund .  
  equity fund .  
  ETF .  
  Euroequity issues .  
  exchange .  
  exchange privilege .  
  Exchange Traded Fund .  
  exempt security .  
  exit fee .  
  expense ratio .  
  external market .  
  face value .  
  family of funds .  
  feeder fund .  
  financial advisor .  
  financial analyst .  
  financial instrument .  
  fixed maturity plan .  
  flexible mutual fund .  
  flow of funds .  
  focused fund .  
  forward .  
  fund .  
  fund administration .  
  fund balance .  
  fund family .  
  fund manager .  
  fund switching .  
  global fund .  
  Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) .  
  go-go fund .  
  grade .  
  growth and income fund .  
  growth fund .  
  hedge fund .  
  high current income mutual fund .  
  high watermark .  
  IBC's money fund report average .  
  Iceland Stock Exchange (ICEX) .  
  in escrow .  
  incentive fee .  
  inception .  
  income fund .  
  income shares .  
  income trust .  
  incubated fund .  
  index fund .  
  information ratio .  
  institutional fund .  
  institutional shares .  
  international fund .  
  International Securities Identification Number .  
  inventory turns .  
  investment adviser .  
  investment company .  
  Investment Company Amendments Act of 1970 .  
  investment counsel .  
  investment objective .  
  investment policy .  
  investment security .  
  investment trust .  
  iShares .  
  issuer .  
  J-curve .  
  law of one price .  
  letter security .  
  Level 1 asset .  
  Level 3 asset .  
  level load .  
  limited risk .  
  Lipper Index .  
  Lipper Leader .  
  listed .  
  load .  
  load fund .  
  load-adjusted return .  
  long .  
  management company .  
  management fee .  
  manager .  
  market basket .  
  marketability .  
  maximum capital gains mutual fund .  
  median market cap .  
  money market fund .  
  Money Market Investor Funding Facility .  
  money market mutual fund .  
  municipal bond fund .  
  mutual fund .  
  mutual fund cash-to-assets ratio .  
  mutual fund custodian .  
  mutual fund symbol .  
  negotiable security .  
  Net Asset Value .  
  New York Stock Exchange .  
  no-load fund .  
  non-diversified management company .  
  not rated .  
  NYSE .  
  offer .  
  offering circular .  
  offering price .  
  open-end management company .  
  option income fund .  
  option mutual fund .  
  OTC Bulletin Board .  
  OTCBB .  
  Over-the-Counter .  
  par .  
  payment date .  
  performance fee .  
  performance-based compensation .  
  pooled fund .  
  portfolio depositary receipt .  
  portfolio management .  
  portfolio manager .  
  premium .  
  private equity fund .  
  private placement .  
  prospectus .  
  publicly-traded fund .  
  purchase fund .  
  pure no-load fund .  
  quotation .  
  quote .  
  rabbi trust .  
  rating .  
  reclassification .  
  redeem .  
  redemption fee .  
  regional fund .  
  registered security .  
  regular-way delivery .  
  restricted security .  
  retire .  
  risk .  
  Rule 12b-1 fee .  
  sector fund .  
  securities analyst .  
  Securities and Exchange Commission .  
  security .  
  segregated fund .  
  sensitivity .  
  sentiment .  
  series fund .  
  service fee .  
  share .  
  SICAV .  
  side pocket .  
  single-country mutual fund .  
  single-state municipal bond fund .  
  socially conscious mutual fund .  
  sovereign wealth funds .  
  specialized fund .  
  specialty fund .  
  stable .  
  stamped security .  
  standard deviation .  
  statement of additional information .  
  STOXX Limited .  
  structured investment vehicle .  
  style .  
  subadvisor .  
  survivorship bias .  
  switching .  
  systematic investment plan .  
  T-Rex fund .  
  tax-free bond fund .  
  tax-managed fund .  
  term trust .  
  total asset turnover .  
  total return swap .  
  trading .  
  trailing return .  
  transfer agent .  
  triple exemption .  
  trust-issued receipts .  
  uncertainty .  
  uncertificated shares .  
  Unified Managed Account (UMA) .  
  unit .  
  unlimited risk .  
  upgrade .  
  upside .  
  value .  
  venture capital fund .  
  VIPER .  
  wallpaper .  
  watch list .  
  withdrawal plan . capital appreciation fund

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