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_ZH_ Options, call option, put option - assets: securities, derivative instruments, futures contracts - quantitative analysis, risks - stock options - etc.etc. / AHA7 FIN MONSTER _Chinese_Tradit_ ('EJEB)

American-style option, amortized value, asian tail, asked price, asking price, asset swapped convertible option transaction, at par forward spread, at the money, average option, back months, barrier option, basket, bear spread, below par, best bid, bid, bid/ask spread, Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model, bulge, bull spread, bull straddle, bullet dodging, butterfly spread, buy and write, buy to cover, cabinet trade, calendar spread, call, call swaption, called away, capped-style option, caput, ... etc. etc.

Enter in the search field on the page top one of these word combinations (or simply copy&paste a whole line into the search field). - Quotation marks, if any, have to be entered exactly in the same position.
_ZH_ Options, call option, put option - assets: securities, derivative instruments, futures contracts - quantitative analysis, risks - stock options - etc.etc. / AHA7 FIN MONSTER _English_ / ('EJEB)

  American-style option .  
  amortized value .  
  asian tail .  
  asked price .  
  asking price .  
  asset swapped convertible option transaction .  
  at par forward spread .  
  at the money .  
  average option .  
  back months .  
  barrier option .  
  basket .  
  bear spread .  
  below par .  
  best bid .  
  bid .  
  bid/ask spread .  
  Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model .  
  bulge .  
  bull spread .  
  bull straddle .  
  bullet dodging .  
  butterfly spread .  
  buy and write .  
  buy to cover .  
  cabinet trade .  
  calendar spread .  
  call .  
  call swaption .  
  called away .  
  capped-style option .  
  caput .  
  CBOE .  
  chart .  
  Chicago Board of Trade .  
  Chicago Board Options Exchange .  
  class .  
  class of options .  
  cliquet option .  
  close to the money .  
  closing transaction .  
  CME .  
  collar .  
  COMEX .  
  Commodities Exchange Act .  
  Commodity Exchange .  
  commodity pool .  
  Commodity Trading Advisor .  
  contract size .  
  conventional option .  
  conversion arbitrage .  
  corporate spread duration .  
  counterparty risk .  
  covered option .  
  covered put .  
  covered straddle .  
  covered warrant .  
  covered writer .  
  currency put option .  
  curvature .  
  CUSIP .  
  CUSIP number .  
  daily price limit .  
  dealer option .  
  debit spread .  
  deep in the money .  
  delta .  
  delta hedging .  
  delta spread .  
  denomination .  
  derivative pricing models .  
  derivative security .  
  diagonal spread .  
  discounted .  
  double witching hour .  
  down-and-in barrier option .  
  down-and-out barrier option .  
  downgrade .  
  dual listing .  
  early exercise .  
  elasticity of an option .  
  embedded option .  
  Employee Stock Ownership Plan .  
  equity option .  
  escrow receipt .  
  ESOP .  
  EUREX .  
  Euroequity issues .  
  exchange .  
  exchange-traded derivative .  
  exchange-traded option .  
  exempt security .  
  exercise assignment .  
  exercise limit .  
  exercise notice .  
  exercise price .  
  exercise settlement amount .  
  exotic option .  
  expiration cycle .  
  expiration date .  
  external market .  
  face value .  
  far month .  
  farther out; farther in .  
  fine paper .  
  fixed-rate payer .  
  fluctuation limit .  
  foreign currency futures and options .  
  forward cover taking .  
  forward outright rate .  
  forward points .  
  front fee .  
  full ratchet .  
  furthest month .  
  FUTOP .  
  futures option .  
  gamma .  
  good delivery .  
  graduated security .  
  grant date .  
  grantor .  
  guarantee letter .  
  hedge ratio .  
  hedgie .  
  hedging .  
  horizontal spread .  
  implied interest rate .  
  implied volatility .  
  in the money .  
  incentive stock option .  
  index option .  
  index options .  
  index swap .  
  International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) .  
  International Securities Identification Number .  
  intervals .  
  intrinsic value .  
  investment security .  
  ISO .  
  issuer .  
  joint bond .  
  kappa .  
  knock-in option .  
  ladder option .  
  lambda .  
  lapsed option .  
  last trading day .  
  law of one price .  
  letter security .  
  LIFFE .  
  lifting a leg .  
  limited discretion .  
  listed .  
  listing .  
  Little Board .  
  load spread option .  
  London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange .  
  long .  
  long position .  
  long put .  
  Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities .  
  lookback option .  
  market basket .  
  marketable security .  
  married put strategy .  
  Merc .  
  mini manipulation .  
  Montreal Exchange (MX) .  
  naked put .  
  naked shorting .  
  near option .  
  nearest month .  
  negotiable security .  
  neutral spread .  
  New York Stock Exchange .  
  nominal exercise price .  
  non-equity option .  
  non-qualified stock option .  
  notional value .  
  NSO .  
  NYSE .  
  OCC .  
  offer .  
  offering price .  
  offsetting transaction .  
  omega .  
  open outcry .  
  opening transaction .  
  option .  
  option account .  
  option chain .  
  option class .  
  option contract .  
  option holder .  
  option mutual fund .  
  option pool .  
  option premium .  
  option price .  
  option spread .  
  option writer .  
  option-adjusted spread .  
  option-adjusted yield .  
  optionable stock .  
  options backdating .  
  Options Clearing Corporation .  
  Options Prices Reporting Authority .  
  Oslo Bors (OSE) .  
  OTC Bulletin Board .  
  out-of-favor .  
  outcry .  
  outstanding .  
  over the counter derivative .  
  overwriting .  
  pairs trade .  
  par .  
  path-dependent option .  
  perpendicular spread .  
  perpetual warrant .  
  pit .  
  plain vanilla .  
  position limit .  
  premium .  
  premium income .  
  price limit .  
  primary instrument .  
  privilege dealer .  
  prospectus .  
  protective put .  
  put .  
  put buyer .  
  put option .  
  put swaption .  
  put to seller .  
  put writer .  
  put-call parity .  
  puttable .  
  quanto option .  
  quotation .  
  rating service .  
  ratio calendar combination .  
  ratio calendar spread .  
  ratio spread .  
  ratio writer .  
  registered options principal .  
  registered options trader .  
  registered security .  
  regulated commodities .  
  reload option .  
  residual security .  
  restricted security .  
  reversal arbitrage .  
  reverse convertible bond .  
  rho .  
  risk disclosure document .  
  risk reversal .  
  roll down .  
  roll forward .  
  roll up .  
  securities .  
  Securities and Exchange Commission .  
  security .  
  sell .  
  selling the spread .  
  series .  
  short call option .  
  short covering .  
  short leg .  
  short market value .  
  single option .  
  South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX) .  
  speculation .  
  speculative .  
  split rating .  
  spread option .  
  spring loading .  
  stable .  
  statutory stock option .  
  step-up warrant .  
  stock purchase plan .  
  straddle .  
  strap .  
  strike index .  
  strike price .  
  subscription warrant .  
  swaption .  
  synthetic collateralized debt obligation .  
  synthetic put .  
  synthetic stock .  
  theoretical value .  
  theta .  
  time decay .  
  time premium .  
  time spread .  
  Tokyo Commodity Exchange .  
  Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE) .  
  trade .  
  trading .  
  triple witching hour .  
  uncovered call .  
  uncovered option .  
  uncovered put .  
  underlier .  
  underlying security .  
  unit .  
  unlimited risk .  
  unlisted .  
  up-and-out barrier option .  
  upgrade .  
  value spot .  
  variable maturity option .  
  vega .  
  vertical spread .  
  vesting .  
  volatility risk .  
  warrant .  
  wasting asset .  
  watch list .  
  weather derivative .  
  worth .  
  worthless . call

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