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Which projects are prohibited when searching for investors or for loans? (on

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For example to respect legal aspects; or just in order to improve the "international" English language level of this page to "true" English. - Please copy the original text into your email. Then please add the rectification.

You are responsible for the observation of regulation aspects.

The site expressively does not promise investors that projects have been checked.

In general you can on the Internet place requests to find individual investors for individual agreements for any kind of serious professional activities. This is also the case for most regulated professions if your description clarifies how to fulfill the legal requirements.

Examples: You are by the general legislation not allowed to collect money for various types of health services if your project does not fulfill the legal rules governing such professions. General legal rules apply also to various financial services. Various other activities are submitted to restrictions, too.

What kind of projects is not allowed?

Erotics:    The site prohibits to ask for money related to erotic services. This concerns explicitly sex-related sites. But even and also dating services may not try to find investors on . This is because the site administrator has no ways to check the true intentions of such projects.

Killer ideologies:    The site prohibits to collect money for left wing and right wing ideology in the sense of past killer ideologies like pseudo-communism (Russia) or Maoism (total death toll ~80 million); or like racial killer nationalism (like the Nazi government), total death toll ~40 million.

No tolerance: Persons with illegal intentions should better stay away from

On is tolerance for all kind of honest projects, including human errors related to amateur projects. But there is absolutely no tolerance for any intentional effort to use for illegal intentions.

If the administrator of becomes aware of offerings which typically are made for scams, appropriate steps will be taken. It is highly recommended to stay away from with any offer of fraudulent character.
If evident and intentional penal code violation is tried, unfriendly measures might occur.

This is not limited to cancelling the offer on the site. Those who try to disturb peaceful cooperation of citizens on our common Internet, these people have to be stopped in a more definit manner.

Legal rules when looking for private investors

Tolerance: Basically there is no restriction.

Everybody can negotiate in an individual manner how to get a loan or a financial participation from some other person. This happens perhaps for more than 50 or 80 percent of new businesses.

This legal rule applies to most or nearly all countries of the world. Searching for this type of a financial cooperation a partner for ones own business, this is typically on the level like advertisement in a newspaper.

For some basic aspects and the limits read in Wikipedia
about:        private placement

The more detailed rules for other search variants

differ between the various countries. It is always a good choice to finance small businesses in a ways which is not submitted to any regulation.

The most important regulation applies worldwide and can not be discarded. Somebody who looks for investors has to observe the general limits of penal code rules. There is a worldwide regulation that fraud is prohibited when collection money, and that the money has to be used conforming to the project description.

If the project concept was respected, the loss of money during the later business activity is normally not a penal code violation but just a lack of success on the market for the financed project.

Tolerance: On you are responsible for regulation aspects.

Regulation might be affected when this search for money is done in a repetitive manner, like by a service provider to get loans from banks or sell company shares to private investors. Another type of "repetition" is when money is collected for standardized agreements, like shares, bonds, loan accounts for many lenders. A further aspect is if this is done by a public offering. is not involved in these aspects. All users of the site have to clarify their legal obligations, if any. The site administrator tries not to interfere. If offerings are just by lack of professional knowledge in the risk of causing problems, the right is preserved to ask to modify the text. But there is no obligation for the site administrator to protect project coordinators from their possible errors.

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If the rich could hire other people to die for them, the poor would make a wonderful living. - (Jewish proverb )

All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income. - (Samuel Butler )

To be clever enough to get all that money, one must be stupid enough to want it. - (G. K. Chesterton )

Penny wise, pound foolish. - (Henry Burton )

Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. - (Bible )


The legal rule trap for "copy cats" of US sites for crowdfinancing

The problem with the "copy cats": European crowdfunding sites might imitate rules for US legislation... while the inner legislation in EU countries much differs...

There is a long tradition that sites worldwide imitate US sites: The "copy cats" with their supposed "proof of concept".

In the case of crowdfinancing this causes an unusual and unexpected problem. To comply with US regulation, some workarounds have been adopted by US sites if for crowdfinancing (lless complicated for crowdfunding). The frequent take-over of US software for other countries would in this case import such legal problems into a new website outside the US.

Some of these workarounds would not be required in other countries, for example in Germany. But there is an unexpected problem: Some of the workarounds related to US legislation, just these workarounds might interfere with legislation in Germany.

So the site cloning of US sites possibly results in the violation of financial regulation in other countries.

This might be the case for for example for Germany, the UK and France. Just the US workarounds might be the major reasons why the financial regulation in other countries might be violated.

We do not want to deal with this in detail and in a public manner. Site owners of crowdfunding and crowdfinancing sites may contact ok @ for details.

As a consequence, your offers on can not trust in the legal validity of procedures suggested and implemented by crowdfinancing sites in your country.

This is only of major impact on crowdfinancing sites, hence when there is some kind of money investment. Only in this case those who pay have the long term expectancy of some kind of return on investment. - Crowdfunding - hence donations - is less concerned. It means that the paid money is paid for eternity and is never to pay back.

Regulation of the financial markets is a must.

The politically wanted lack of regulation resulted in a Sodom & Gomorrah for major segments of the financial markets.

There is good reason to return to past rules and concepts. Some segments of Big Finance look like an agglomeration of fraud, tax evasion, money laundring, balance manipulation, illegal insider profits, huge illegal kickback profits, huge illegal bonus payment fraud. Where is the difference between this and organized crime and the mafia?

As banks have lost during the last 40 years progressively their earnings due to computers for automatic payment services and due to the lowering of interest rates, many did not decide to shrink correspondingly but to switch to such other forms of "earnings". Some of them apparently adhere to: "Everything is allowed as long as long as the police is not knocking on my door".

It is important for all of us that institutional regulation forces this to return to normal rules.

No normal honest small business founder searching up to 100 000 US$ or Euro will be able to compete with something like the Big Finance Sodom & Gomorrah mentioned here above. Therefore we all hope that our honest efforts will not be penalized by regulation efforts related to abuse which belongs to a different world.

If any regulation authority feels the need that something should be changed in money requests on , please be so kind to contact the project coordinator under his specified contact addresses on , and ask him to modify his search for investors.

A copy of this should be mailed to ok @ It will be tried to take care that users of , will be informed how generally to comply with the rules concerned.

Truth? Changes every 7 days. Come back!
Money is the fruit of evil as often as the root of it. - (Henry Fielding )

I'm so happy to be rich, I'm willing to take all the consequences. - (Howard Ahmanson )

Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex; you thought of nothing else if you didn't have it and thought of other things if you did. - (James Baldwin )

In the bad old days, there were three easy ways of losing money - racing being the quickest, women the pleasantest and farming the most certain. - (William Pitt Amherst )

"Clairvoyance is frowned upon nowadays. We are living in modern times. We have business plans. " (Pedro Rosso)

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