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(list) Forms, templates, letter samples,... related to employment - for business & personal use, covers legal subjects, public administration, agreements, disputes, etc.etc.... FAX7 ORGATEXT

Attendance ('WSBB ) Break, Career break, Furlough, Gap year, Leave of absence, Long service leave, No call, no show, Sabbatical, Sick leave, Schedules ('WSBB ) 35-hour workweek, Eight-hour day, Flextime plan, Four-day week, Overtime, Retroactive overtime, Shift work, Telecommuting, Workweek, Working time, Wages ('WSBB ) Living wage, Maximum wage, Minimum wage - Canada, USA -, Overtime rate, Paid time off, Performance-related pay, Salary, Salary cap, Working poor, Benefits (' ... etc. etc.

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staff management / form free ('SW)

Attendance ('WSBB )

  Break form free.  
  Career break form free.  
  Furlough form free.  
  Gap year form free.  
  Leave of absence form free.  
  Long service leave form free.  
  No call, no show form free.  
  Sabbatical form free.  
  Sick leave form free.

Schedules ('WSBB )

  35-hour workweek form free.  
  Eight-hour day form free.  
  Flextime plan form free.  
  Four-day week form free.  
  Overtime form free.  
  Retroactive overtime form free.  
  Shift work form free.  
  Telecommuting form free.  
  Workweek form free.  
  Working time form free.

Wages ('WSBB )

  Living wage form free.  
  Maximum wage form free.  
  Minimum wage - Canada, USA - form free.  
  Overtime rate form free.  
  Paid time off form free.  
  Performance-related pay form free.  
  Salary form free.  
  Salary cap form free.  
  Working poor form free.

Benefits ('WSBB )

  Annual leave form free.  
  Sick leave form free.  
  Parental leave form free.  
  Health insurance form free.  
  Life insurance form free.  
  Disability insurance form free.  
  Take-home vehicle form free.

Health & safety ('WSBB )

  Ergonomics form free.  
  Industrial injury form free.  
  Occupational disease form free.  
  Occupational health psychology form free.  
  Sick building syndrome form free.  
  Work accident - Occupational fatality form free.  
  Workplace noise form free.  
  Workplace stress form free.  
  Workplace wellness form free.  
  Work-life balance form free.  
  Workers' compensation form free.

Equality ('WSBB )

  Affirmative action form free.  
  Equal pay for women form free.

Miscellaneous ('WSBB )

  Dead end job form free.  
  Overqualification form free.  
  Recession-proof job form free.  
  Underemployment form free.  
  Unemployment rates form free.

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staff management / sample letter ('SW)

Attendance ('WSBB )

  Break sample letter.  
  Career break sample letter.  
  Furlough sample letter.  
  Gap year sample letter.  
  Leave of absence sample letter.  
  Long service leave sample letter.  
  No call, no show sample letter.  
  Sabbatical sample letter.  
  Sick leave sample letter.

Schedules ('WSBB )

  35-hour workweek sample letter.  
  Eight-hour day sample letter.  
  Flextime plan sample letter.  
  Four-day week sample letter.  
  Overtime sample letter.  
  Retroactive overtime sample letter.  
  Shift work sample letter.  
  Telecommuting sample letter.  
  Workweek sample letter.  
  Working time sample letter.

Wages ('WSBB )

  Living wage sample letter.  
  Maximum wage sample letter.  
  Minimum wage - Canada, USA - sample letter.  
  Overtime rate sample letter.  
  Paid time off sample letter.  
  Performance-related pay sample letter.  
  Salary sample letter.  
  Salary cap sample letter.  
  Working poor sample letter.

Benefits ('WSBB )

  Annual leave sample letter.  
  Sick leave sample letter.  
  Parental leave sample letter.  
  Health insurance sample letter.  
  Life insurance sample letter.  
  Disability insurance sample letter.  
  Take-home vehicle sample letter.

Health & safety ('WSBB )

  Ergonomics sample letter.  
  Industrial injury sample letter.  
  Occupational disease sample letter.  
  Occupational health psychology sample letter.  
  Sick building syndrome sample letter.  
  Work accident - Occupational fatality sample letter.  
  Workplace noise sample letter.  
  Workplace stress sample letter.  
  Workplace wellness sample letter.  
  Work-life balance sample letter.  
  Workers' compensation sample letter.

Equality ('WSBB )

  Affirmative action sample letter.  
  Equal pay for women sample letter.

Miscellaneous ('WSBB )

  Dead end job sample letter.  
  Overqualification sample letter.  
  Recession-proof job sample letter.  
  Underemployment sample letter.  
  Unemployment rates sample letter.

Enter in the search field on the page top one of these word combinations (or simply copy&paste a whole line into the search field). - Quotation marks, if any, have to be entered exactly in the same position.
staff management / agreement template free ('SW)

Attendance ('WSBB )

  Break agreement template free.  
  Career break agreement template free.  
  Furlough agreement template free.  
  Gap year agreement template free.  
  Leave of absence agreement template free.  
  Long service leave agreement template free.  
  No call, no show agreement template free.  
  Sabbatical agreement template free.  
  Sick leave agreement template free.

Schedules ('WSBB )

  35-hour workweek agreement template free.  
  Eight-hour day agreement template free.  
  Flextime plan agreement template free.  
  Four-day week agreement template free.  
  Overtime agreement template free.  
  Retroactive overtime agreement template free.  
  Shift work agreement template free.  
  Telecommuting agreement template free.  
  Workweek agreement template free.  
  Working time agreement template free.

Wages ('WSBB )

  Living wage agreement template free.  
  Maximum wage agreement template free.  
  Minimum wage - Canada, USA - agreement template free.  
  Overtime rate agreement template free.  
  Paid time off agreement template free.  
  Performance-related pay agreement template free.  
  Salary agreement template free.  
  Salary cap agreement template free.  
  Working poor agreement template free.

Benefits ('WSBB )

  Annual leave agreement template free.  
  Sick leave agreement template free.  
  Parental leave agreement template free.  
  Health insurance agreement template free.  
  Life insurance agreement template free.  
  Disability insurance agreement template free.  
  Take-home vehicle agreement template free.

Health & safety ('WSBB )

  Ergonomics agreement template free.  
  Industrial injury agreement template free.  
  Occupational disease agreement template free.  
  Occupational health psychology agreement template free.  
  Sick building syndrome agreement template free.  
  Work accident - Occupational fatality agreement template free.  
  Workplace noise agreement template free.  
  Workplace stress agreement template free.  
  Workplace wellness agreement template free.  
  Work-life balance agreement template free.  
  Workers' compensation agreement template free.

Equality ('WSBB )

  Affirmative action agreement template free.  
  Equal pay for women agreement template free.

Miscellaneous ('WSBB )

  Dead end job agreement template free.  
  Overqualification agreement template free.  
  Recession-proof job agreement template free.  
  Underemployment agreement template free.  
  Unemployment rates agreement template free.

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One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears - by listening to them. - (Dean Rusk)

Christmas is over, and Business is Business. - (Franklin Pierce Adams)

What recommends commerce to me is its enterprise and bravery. It does not clasp its hands and pray to Jupiter. - (Henry David Thoreau)

In economics, the majority is always wrong. - (J. K. Galbraith)

The big unions served a noble purpose once, and bless them for it. Now they're part of the problem and must give way if America is to move and to participate in management and achieve reasonable productivity. - (Robert Townsend)

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All business proceeds on beliefs, on judgements of probabilities, and not on certainties. - (Charles W. Eliot)

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows. - (Aristotle Onassis)

You are never giving, nor can you ever give, enough service. - (James R. Cook)

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With the help tool fax7 FAX7 ORGATEXT you will find for the subjects of your choice all free letter templates, samples, prepared application forms available on the Internet.

» _Menu_: Templates & how tos
(MC:) SBAK-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

MIX: a bit of everything
(list) = lists as search suggestion

» _Menu_: Templates & how tos
(MC:) SBAK-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) MIX: most frequent templates
(MC:) SBA-FAX7AA-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) labor in companies
(MC:) SBSWB-LABTOOL-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) dismissal by employer
(MC:) SWUY-LABCANC-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) Contract: Sell, buy, order. ('FUBF )
(MC:) FUBF-CONTR-EN        DE      FR

» (list) Cancel, reclamation (purchase, order)
(MC:) FUBY-CANC-EN        DE      FR

(list) = lists as search suggestion

(MC:) SNYA-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) Taxation / abuse

» (list) Tax haven encylopedia
(MC:) SNY-BKLEG-EN          EN          DE      FR

» International Service Centers
(MC:) SUNANAT-EN          EN          DE      FR

» Liechtenst.banking secrecy: Example
(MC:) SNY-BKS-EFN-EN          !EN!    

» Offshore legal? tax haven..
(MC:) VEY-OFFBAN-EN          !EN!    

(MC:) BWAA-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) Car : Buy, sell, insur., etc.

» (list) car & travel: tax deduction
(MC:) BWSN-COST-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) car services, repair
(MC:) BWFS-SERVIC-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) car accident

» (list) Travel

» (list) Safety / general precaution in companies, organizations

» (list) IT security, data processing, data protection

» (list) operational data protection

(list) = lists as search suggestion

» Sphinx Classific.: Some code samples.
(MC:) KSS-SREGA-EN          !EN!    

» SPHINX Classification / service
(MC:) KSPERSN-EN          !EN!    

» (list) Children / get money for children('WWJA)

» (list) Children - legal aspects ('WWJA)

» (list) Marriage,.../ contract
(MC:) WWFU-CONTR-EN        DE      FR

» (list) Last will: how tos & templates
(MC:) EWY-HERGIV-EN          EN          DE

» (list) you just Inherited ... - how to proceed? - Find how tos, templates, legal information.

» (list) Donation: how tos &samples

Real estate administration / renting
(list) = lists as search suggestion

» _MENU_: Rental lease agreement
(MC:) REF-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) rental lease - how tos
(MC:) REF-RENTCONTR-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) renting agreement: special aspects

» (list) tenancy managment

» (list) obligations, disputes (tenants)

» (list) tenancy agreement: Cancel, terminate,...
(MC:) REF-ADMEND-EN        DE      FR

» (list) tenancy management / prof. tenants
(MC:) REF-ADMPROF-EN        !DE!      FR

» For test report: Claiming a fee?

(Photo: A howling wolf in: Wildpark Eekholt,Germany; by Volker.G.; Lic.GNU Free Doc 1.2++)

    (Photo:. _DE_"Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" (colloquial)
_EN_ (literal:) "An egg laying wool milk swine" (a truly versatile 'magic' tool; IT colloquial equivalent: "Jack of all trades (device)")
_FR_ "mouton à 5 pattes qui pond des œufs et qui donne du lait" (colloquial - literal translation: "a sheep with 5 legs which lays eggs and supplies milk") - 'Photo' by Georg Mittenecker and others; Lic.Creat.Comm.Attr.Sh.Alike v2.5 & v2.0)

» _Menu_: Templates & how tos
(MC:) SBAK-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

JUS7 LEGATEXT : How to become yourself your attorney? - Free contract forms etc. image how to become yourself your lawyer
increase efficiency by using foms: Free forms are helpful.

when the involved interest of a contract can not finance the participation of a legal expert. HERE: Menu: Access to free forms etc. for the most frequent contract types.

» _Menu_: Contract templates
(MC:) UKB-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

Mixture: A little bit of everything
(list) = lists as search suggestion

» _Menu_: Contract templates
(MC:) UKB-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) Loan agreement
(MC:) UKECW-FINA-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) MIX_short: Labor, loan, order,...
(MC:) UK-WS-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) Donation: how tos &samples

business, labour,...
(list) = lists as search suggestion

» (list) for free employment forms
(MC:) UKSWB-LABFREE-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) Employment agreement / all kind of...
(MC:) UKSWB-LABOR-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) rental lease - how tos
(MC:) REF-RENTCONTR-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) renting agreement: special aspects

» (list) tenancy management / prof. tenants
(MC:) REF-ADMPROF-EN        !DE!      FR

» (list) Buy Real Estate

» (list) Real estate agents (for &about)
(MC:) REB-AGENT-EN        DE

» (list) Offers from real estate agents
(MC:) REB-AGBIZ-EN        DE

family, marriage, inheritance
(list) = lists as search suggestion

» (list) Marriage,.../ contract
(MC:) WWFU-CONTR-EN        DE      FR

» (list) Last will: how tos & templates
(MC:) EWY-HERGIV-EN          EN          DE

» (list) you just Inherited ... - how to proceed? - Find how tos, templates, legal information.

» (list) Living Will, Advance Directive
(MC:) WYCY-DECIS-EN          EN          DE
cession, loan, debt
Cession, contract, refusal, loan agreement, guarantee, surety, acknowledgement of debt, attorney, court,...

     (Photo: © 2007 Don Pedro &

» _Menu_: Business creation
(MC:) SPA-MENU-EN          EN          DE      FR

(list) = lists as search suggestion

» (list) financing
(MC:) SPB-FINA-EN          EN          DE      FR

» (list) Incorporation / templates
(MC:) UKSUP-CORP-EN          EN          DE      FR

Photo: Above the clouds, freedom has no limits...? But you should then also have to eat...? - AHA7 TOP FREE helps how to fish for success:
   info Photo: Bird and fish. 2009, Terry Ross, Creat.Comm.Attrib.Sh.Al.v2.0 Lic.

Clairvoyance is frowned upon in modern cultures. We have business plans. (Pedro Rosso)

(Photo_1=Liftoff: May 2009, Scott Andrews, Canon, NASA; space shuttle Atlantis; Cape Canaveral, Fla., USA.)

(Photo_2=Bird: 2009, Terry Ross, Creat.Comm.Attrib.Sh.Al.v2.0 Lic.)

With the Internet service AHA7 FAIRTAX you will find for the subjects of your choice all available legal, fully authorized and respected possible tax savings.
(just starting, only minimal content until now)
(Photo: by Cameloctober, Thai man, head in crocodile mouth, at Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm +Zoo, Bangkok, Thailand, Lic.Creat.Commons Attr.ShareA.3.0.)

 img  ... and always the vulture lurks...  ... and always the vulture lurks...
POLITGEN: Genetic cause of greed for money & power discovered!

» Money, politics, power: Greed gene discovered!

» genetics & greed, money,...
(MC:) JWV-POTGENF-EN          EN          DE      FR

» The money wolf. The fable of the penitent investment banker.

» Executive compensation : excessive?
(MC:) VEWE-MAXC-EN          !EN!    

» "Totalitarian capitalism"?
(MC:) VES-CAPT-EN        DE

(Image: "La liberté guidant le peuple" (1830). - By Eugène Delacroix ( 1798-1863). Non-digital technology: Irregular color pixels assembled manually.)

How to review and reorganize the economic system, to guarantee that everybody can earn his living from his labor.

     (Photo: 2007 Bob Jagendorf, Creat.Comm. Attr.2.0Lic.)

How it works - its many variants - , and why most of it is never discovered or discovered, but not prosecuted....

» Parody: Political party for legalizing bribery. EN DE FR

Guiness Book of Records: This is the most mendacious website on the worldwide web. (This is what claims.)

» Money, politics, power: Greed gene discovered!

» genetics & greed, money,...
(MC:) JWV-POTGENF-EN          EN          DE      FR

» Marfinettes: Betting on governm.?
(MC:) EYVV-MARFIN-EN          !EN!          DE      FR

» Marfinosi: Bet on weak governm.?
(MC:) EYVV-MARFOS-EN          !EN!          DE      FR

» Financial crisis /_MENU_
(MC:) EYA-MENU-EN          EN          !DE!      FR

» UNO7 World Citizen Toolbox
(MC:) SUPA-CITIZ-EN          EN          DE      FR

» Liechtenst.banking secrecy: Example
(MC:) SNY-BKS-EFN-EN          !EN!    

» Offshore legal? tax haven..
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» (list) (Europe / valid for EU citizens:) Alsace - 12 months for debt cancellation?
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» _MENU_: True university? Diploma mill?
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       (Photo: 2005, NASA. - Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson, International Space Station’s Canadarm2. Background: Earth’s horizon.)

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Photo:  (B) US government /Dept.of Energy - nuclear arms test (Nevada Test Site, 1951, Operation Buster-Jangle, Charlie)

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Things have to be made to happen in a way you want them to happen. Without management, without the intervention of organized willpower the desired result simply cannot be obtained. - (Robert Heller)

Twenty generations ago - around the year 1390 - you had 1,048,576 ancestors. In the 21st generation of your family that number will double again. - (Genealogical Research Library)

Gross National Product is our Holy Grail. - (Stuart Udall)

To business that we love we rise betime, And go to it with delight. - (William Shakespeare)

There can be no return to prosperity while the government (of Ontario) believes that taking money from the people who have earned it and giving it away to the people who haven't, in exchange for their votes and regardless of merit, is the essence of fairness. - (Conrad Black)

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